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Basic Checks That Must Be Done by Beginner Ship Drivers

Basic Checks That Must Be Done by Beginner Ship Drivers

Basic Checks That Must Be Done by Beginner Ship Drivers - Driving water transportation certainly has its own challenges. Besides having to struggle with the weather, wind and waves. The ability to identify symptoms of problems that occur in outboard motor boat engines or outboard boat engines is also a factor that affects smooth driving. 

For you beginner boaters, here are some components that you need to check before you drive with your outboard engine. 

Make sure there is no disturbing sound coming from the machine

As a novice ship driver, you should be more sensitive to engine conditions. The easiest way to identify a problem with your motorboat or outboard engine is the appearance of an abnormal noise. Abnormal sounds may sound soft at first and then get louder as the damage gets worse. 

An easy way to check is to listen to the sound from a close distance and observe for a few moments whether the sound still sounds normal. But if not, immediately check the machine further. know it is to hear the sound of the engine from a close distance.

Machine Vibration

Another characteristic of a motor boat engine that is problematic is the emergence of enough vibration to be felt up to the body of the ship or boat. Find out the cause of the vibration and pay close attention to whether the ship's movement changes. 

Usually this problem can be caused by one of the loose bolts that needs to be tightened. Analyzing vibrations periodically while at sea is very important because it can prevent the damage from getting worse. 

Smell And Smoke Coming Out Of The Machine 

Damage to the outboard engine can also be detected from the smell it smells. If you smell something like burning on the engine, check further immediately because it could be part of the oil reservoir that is leaking, or wires that are burnt. Besides that, usually a problematic machine will emit excess smoke.

Ship Maintenance With Periodic Service  

Schedule regular servicing of your outboard engine or outboard motor at Suzuki Marine. Ideally you can service it once a year, but if the intensity of using your outboard motor is high enough, routine service can be done every 200 hours of travel. 

Ask a technician to service the thermostat and water pump, this aims to remove small blockages in the pump lines so that your outboard motor cooling system can function optimally. Find out about servicing your outboard motor by visiting https://www.suzuki.co.id/services 

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