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1 Liter of Gasoline How Many Kilometers of a Car? Here's how to calculate it

1 Liter of Gasoline How Many Kilometers of a Car Here's how to calculate it

Maybe it has occurred to you, 1 liter of gasoline how many kilometers is the car? In fact, there are standard rules relating to this. LCGC fuel consumption is regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 33 of 2013.

The fuel saving figure is something that must be obeyed because this figure is closely related to the incentives provided by the government, so that LCGC type cars have low prices. 

The provisions stipulated, for fuel motorcycles with cylinder contents of 980 to 1200 cc, have a fuel consumption of at least 20 km per liter. However, this only applies to LCGCs, but what about other types of cars?

Until now, there are no official regulations and figures that regulate it. So the answer depends on various influencing factors such as the type of fuel, engine capacity, road conditions to how to drive. 

Even so, there is still fuel consumption which is calculated on an average basis. This is done to find out whether the car is included in the class of fuel-efficient cars or not. 

Calculation of 1 Liter of Gasoline How Many Kilometers of a Car

To calculate the capacity of 1 liter of gasoline, the formula used is: (Final kilometers – Initial kilometers) / Fuel = Final Results. For example, you fill up a full tank car, then the odometer number recorded in the car is 2000, then when the car is traveling at 60 to 100 km per hour, 30 liters are used up. 

Then, the odometer shows 2,300 km. With this formula, the required fuel consumption is 10 km per liter. 

Fuel Calculations Can Be Different

When using a different fuel, the calculation of fuel requirements can also change. Examples are gasoline and diesel. Both do have their own advantages. However, there are several things that affect its efficiency, such as:

1. Burning of fuel

In order to generate power, the engine must burn fuel. When talking about the problem of burning fuel, it can be said that diesel is more advantageous, because combustion in engines that use diesel is slower when compared to gasoline. 

In the standard diesel fuel system it has 38.8 megajoules per liter, but gasoline is around 34.8 megajoules per liter. This means that, in order to produce the same amount of energy, diesel needs to burn more slowly than gasoline. 

Thus, the mileage of the car is also increasing. This makes cars with diesel fuel have a much higher fuel consumption when compared to cars that use gasoline, even though the model is the same. 

2. Compression

In calculating fuel efficiency, the compression ratio is also something that must be considered. Engine efficiency is in line with the compression ratio it has. High fuel compression ratio, can convert chemical energy to much greater mechanical energy. 

Therefore, this calculation also includes gasoline and diesel fuel needs. Diesel has more efficiency and mileage. Cars that have a standard compression ratio of 20:1 can produce more mechanical energy when compared to gasoline. 

Regardless of using gasoline or diesel. You have found the answer for 1 liter of gasoline, how many kilometers is the car, right? In addition to calculating fuel usage problems, don't forget to pay attention to the condition of the car. make sure to carry out regular maintenance at an authorized Daihatsu repair shop. In order not to wait too long, you can make a booking service online quickly and easily. 
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