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Advantages And Disadvantages Of ABS System

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ABS System

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ABS System - When you buy a new car, usually the latest car is equipped with an ABS braking system feature. The anti-lock braking system, as the name implies, prevents the wheels from locking automatically when you make sudden braking. 

This is important because locked wheels can be dangerous and cause accidents. This reason is also what makes the ABS brake system now a mandatory safety feature when you decide to buy the latest car. 

The ABS brake component is located near your car's disc brakes. This component works by analyzing the speed of the vehicle periodically using a speed sensor. This vehicle speed data is then stored in a controller or computer. 

For example, a car with a speed of 100 km / h usually takes approximately 5 seconds to fully brake. If the vehicle is at the same speed as the example, but makes sudden braking in less than 5 seconds, the wheels will usually slip. 

Therefore it takes a braking valve operating system to prevent this from happening. This is where the data previously recorded by the computer will work into an automatic braking valve regulation system. 

ABS Brakes Advantages and Disadvantages

As a feature, of course, ABS brakes not only have advantages but also disadvantages behind them. You can learn how important this feature is, especially for those of you who intend to buy a new car.

Advantages of ABS Brakes

  • The ABS brake system can be used optimally on flat roads
  • It's safer without having to fear the risk of slipping when forced to brake suddenly
  • The performance of the ABS brake system is faster than ordinary brakes
  • Able to minimize accidents, so driving is safer
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Disadvantages of ABS Brakes

  • Cannot be used optimally when on uneven roads, especially damaged roads
  • Sounds like drooping when the ABS brake system is working on uneven roads

From the description above, you can see that the advantages of the ABS brake system are still more than the disadvantages. This means that the ABS brake system deserves to be a feature that must be considered when choosing or buying a new car. 

Because in general there are still more advantages to using ABS brakes than the disadvantages. But before deciding to buy a car with an ABS brake system, also pay attention to the condition of where you live, whether the roads are good enough or still gravel. Make sure the function of the ABS brake system can work optimally. 

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