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Suzuki Motorcycle Buying Guide

Suzuki Motorcycle Buying Guide

Suzuki Motorcycle Buying Guide - The types and models of motorcycles sold in Indonesia are increasingly diverse. This is what often confuses prospective motorcycle buyers when they want to buy the latest motorcycle. In order not to be confused anymore in choosing the right motorcycle according to your needs and tastes, we have compiled a guide to buying a Suzuki motorcycle . Check out his review below: 

Define Goal

What is meant by destination is not the location you want to go to by motorbike. The purpose of the destination is the reason you buy a motorcycle. Is the goal for just a hobby vehicle or will it be used as a daily vehicle used by wara-wiri. 

Your needs will determine the most suitable model and type of motorcycle. For example, if this motorbike is to be used for daily vehicles such as work or taking children to school, it would certainly be more suitable to buy a practical automatic scooter such as the Suzuki Address and Suzuki NEX rather than motorsports such as the GSX-R150 . Sort your priority scale and then you can determine the type of motor to be selected.

Create a Budget

When your dream car is in your mind, it's time to make a budget. Also specify the payment system you want to choose. Will you decide to buy with cash from your personal savings or credit with a reasonable tenor and installment amount without disturbing daily operational costs. Also make sure you have prepared the terms for a motorcycle loan as determined by each financing institution so that your application is easier to acc.

Do a Survey to the Dealer 

Although you can find out the selling price of motorbikes through online sites, there is nothing wrong with going to a dealer who is highly recommended by people you know. Because even though it's the same brand, usually each dealer has different promos and offers. You just choose which offer you are most interested in and pick up your coveted motorcycle there. 

Check out Motorcycle Reviews 

Even though you already have the type of motorbike you intend to take home, there is nothing wrong with looking at reviews from automotive experts and influencers who provide honest reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of the motorbike. 

Take note of the points of weakness and strength, then compare whether there are more disadvantages than advantages. See also a review of the full specifications of the motor. Currently, you can easily access reviews about motorcycles through official websites such as https://www.suzuki.co.id or videos on the Youtube site. 

Check Motor Condition

Even though you have seen reviews and studied specifications, when you go to a dealer and see examples of the motorcycle unit you want. Do not forget to re-check all parts of the motor, not just the body. To be even more stable, you can also schedule a test drive for the motorbike you want. 

Your considerations may change or become more confident when you try to ride the motorbike you desire. Schedule a test drive easily just by visiting the Suzuki Indomobil Sales website on the https://www.suzuki.co.id/test-drive/motorcycle page.
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