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Car Design That Matches Your Family Vehicle

Car Design That Matches Your Family Vehicle

Car Design That Matches Your Family Vehicle - The consideration of choosing a family car is not only about how much it can carry passengers. Indeed, 7 seater cars, especially MPV types such as the Suzuki All New Ertiga Hybrid, are often targeted as family cars. But actually there are types of cars such as the latest SUV cars such as the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross which are no less comfortable than MPV cars. 

In addition to the consideration of passenger capacity, when buying a family car, you must also consider other factors such as: The next tip is that because you want to buy a family car, of course you have to choose a car that has a wide capacity. This is so that your whole family can get into the car and also if you want to travel far, you don't have to worry if you bring a lot of stuff.

Tough and Efficient Machine

Family cars are synonymous with long trips and heavy loads because they carry many passengers and luggage. Therefore, you need a car with a strong performance with an economical engine, of course, so that the costs for traveling with your family become more efficient. Choose a car with a well-known economical engine such as the K15B engine in the Suzuki All New Ertiga Hybrid and also the Suzuki XL-7

Has Security And Safety Features

In addition to choosing the right engine, make sure the family car you choose already has adequate safety and security features. Because usually family cars will carry children and the elderly. Make sure features such as dual air-bags, anti-child door locks to side bumpers that reduce the car from shocks when there is a hard impact are already in your family car of choice. 

Not only security, comfort features such as a spacious cabin, comfortable seats with leather seats and entertainment that prevents all family members from getting bored can be a consideration in choosing a family car. 

Make sure spare parts are easy to find

Spare parts are one of the most important components in motorized vehicle engines. Therefore, before buying a car, make sure that the car spare parts you will choose are easy to find. What's more, the car is not a disposable item, but you will use it continuously even for years. 

At Suzuki you can easily get access to spare parts that are guaranteed authenticity, whatever type of car you choose, be it the latest SUV car, MPV car, 7 seater car or 5 seater car, get what you need to get genuine spare parts only at Suzuki. Visit the nearest authorized repair shop or open the MySuzuki app to buy genuine spare parts for your family car!
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