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When to Change Your Car's Fuel Filter

When to Change Your Car's Fuel Filter

When to Change Your Car's Fuel Filter - The car's fuel filter is often a forgotten part to maintain. Though its existence is no less important than the oil filter. This component which is located between the fuel tank and the engine has the function of filtering dirt and residual residue in the fuel. 

In addition, the car's gasoline filter can make the car fuel efficient by lowering the speed of the gasoline flow to make it more economical. Once the role of the car's fuel filter is so important, make sure you always know how to care for it.

The simplest thing to maintain the condition of the car's fuel filter is to replace it regularly. Ideally, the car's fuel filter is replaced when it has traveled 40,000km or every 2 years. But also pay attention to the type of gasoline filter in your car, because some types of cars have a gasoline filter that is integrated with the fuel pump so it cannot be replaced. 

Just like other filter components, if the age of use is long, the gasoline filter can also be dirty. When the condition is dirty, it can have a bad effect on vehicle performance. In addition to mileage and replacement intervals, you can also see signs that the fuel filter must be replaced from various symptoms such as: 

Car Performance Declining

The most common sign of a car's fuel filter needing to be replaced is usually a decrease in performance, especially if you're driving uphill. This is because the supply of fuel is not channeled due to the blockage of dirt in the car's gasoline filter. 

Car Hard to Start 

When the car's fuel filter is clogged with dirt, of course, the supply of gasoline will decrease. This causes the power generated will be reduced. Even in severe conditions, this blockage can also make the car difficult to start. 

Car Engine Suddenly Dies

Another characteristic of the gasoline filter that must be replaced is a car engine that suddenly dies. This is due to the absence of fuel supply to the engine due to a clogged filter. This can be dangerous, especially if the car's engine dies in the middle you're passing through the road uphill. 

Engine Indicator On

Problems with the car's fuel filter can also be easily identified by looking at the indicator lights on the dashboard panel. 

Although it is not a specific signal that the fuel filter is having a problem, but at least you can find out if there is a problem with the engine while paying attention to whether other symptoms also appear as mentioned above. 

A car with a dirty fuel filter will certainly reduce its performance. The engine speed also feels abnormal and corrosion or rust appears in the fuel tank. To solve a serious problem like this, you can drain the gas tank at an official Suzuki repair shop. 

After that you can also replace the car's gasoline filter with Suzuki spare parts that are guaranteed to be 100% original. Always take the time to maintain your car's fuel filter . Do the maintenance only at Suzuki workshops that are widely spread throughout Indonesia!

Bona Pasogit
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