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5 Parts of a Car Door and Their Functions, Let's Understand!

5 Parts of a Car Door and Their Functions, Let's Understand

One of the important components that the car body has is the door. Not only used as a place for passengers to enter and exit, the car door is also the location where the electrical system and car door speakers are connected . So, what are the parts of the car door and its function? 

As a car owner, there's nothing wrong with getting to know the various parts of this four-wheeled vehicle door. By knowing the part, you can take care of it to the fullest. Here are a number of car door parts and their functions, including:

1. Inner as well as outer panels

There are various types and shapes of car doors. However, each door consists of 2 panels, namely the inner panel and the outer panel. These two panels are pressed together using a press method, resulting in a very strong construction. 

The panel is the source of the strength of the car door, this strength is generated from the indentation that the inner panel has. The function of this inner panel is a place to store the car's electrical network cables. Meanwhile, the panel on the outside is used as a protector or cover and protects all door components. 

2. Window groove

The other part of the car door and its function is the window groove. Make no mistake, the door is not only used to store audio and electrical network cables but is also used as a window seat. In fact, the door is not just a glass holder, but stores all the power window components.

The window glass is usually installed in the groove of the door, then all components such as the window drive motor and the battery are placed between the gaps of the inner and outer panels of the door. 

3. Hinge mount

The other part is the hinge mount. The hinge holder is also an important component because without this component, the door cannot be connected to the entire vehicle body. Interference with the hinge mounts can also cause serious damage. 

In fact, if the door hinges are no longer symmetrical, the door may not close properly. To overcome the damage, the door must be welded. This process is of course very complicated because there are various components that must be removed first. 

4. Rubber groove

Have you ever experienced car doors becoming difficult to close or open ? Most likely this is caused because the door is brittle because it is used for a long time. The car door also has a protective rubber which is located in the door rubber groove. 

The function of this rubber is to reduce friction that occurs between the door and the car body when the driver closes and opens the car. In order for the car door rubber to last , avoid slamming the car door too hard, you can push the door gently.

5. Door guard

The last part is the security part. Security is useful as a door protector from damage, scratches or shifting of the car door. This safety location is on the lip of the door and is generally made of aluminum and elastic rubber. 

So that the security is not easily damaged, avoid parking in hot places or exposed to direct sunlight. Sunlight can make the rubber material damaged or expand quickly. In addition, this part must also be cleaned regularly.

Apart from getting to know the parts of the car door and its functions, be sure to take good care of all the car components. To carry out maintenance, you can bring your favorite car to an authorized Daihatsu repair shop. 

At the official Daihatsu workshop, you will find original spare parts, and all services are carried out by experienced mechanics. Not only that, you also don't need to stand in line anymore after booking the service. 

Bona Pasogit
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