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4 Characteristics of a Damaged Matic Car Solenoid & the Solution

4 Characteristics of a Damaged Matic Car Solenoid & the Solution

One component that is important to note is the solenoid matic. Don't let it, you just use it and don't pay attention to the characteristics of a damaged selenoid matic. Currently, the latest cars are equipped with an automatic transmission system or what is often called automatic. 

Unlike motorbikes, on four-wheeled vehicles, this system has many types. However, the types commonly used in Indonesian cars are Dual Clutch Transmission, Automated Manual, Conventional AT and Continuously Variable Transmission. 

However, as a vehicle owner, make sure you don't just use it, but also know more or less about its components, including the components mentioned earlier. Actually, there are several signs that indicate if the automatic car selenoid is damaged. Here are some of them, among others:

1. Strange sound in the transmission lever

Characteristics of damage to the automatic car selenoid can be seen from the appearance of a strange sound that is in the transmission lever. This sound usually occurs when shifting from gear N to gear D, or from P shifting to R. Generally, you will hear a sound like a clink. 

2. The pull becomes heavy or choked up

Another feature is that the machine feels a little stomping or vibrating when you step on the gas pedal and release the brake pedal. Usually, this problem occurs if the solenoid has suffered severe damage. 

Apart from problems with automatic solenoids, this problem is usually also caused by problematic car oil. So make sure to check these two components. 

3. The car loses power

The characteristics of a damaged matic solenoid can also be seen when the car suddenly loses power and starts to weaken when used to break through uphill roads. In fact, if the damage is getting worse, the speed can drop dramatically. 

4. There is a beat when shifting gears

Usually, shifting gears when using an automatic car is very smooth. However, if you feel that there is a sudden jerk, you must be vigilant, because this can be caused by damaged or leaking solenoids, so that the oil is not able to lubricate the entire engine perfectly when changing gears. 

Function Selenoid Matic

In automatic cars, this solenoid or transmission is useful as a regulator of oil pressure in the valve body. Selenoid will later work by activating the brake and clutch which regulate the oil. Later the computer will read the condition of the engine and transmission so that it can adjust the movement of this solenoid. 

Gearshifts can be disrupted or can even make the car unable to run if the selenoid is damaged. Generally, damage to this solenoid can be read using an engine scanner. You can also find out the damage from the characteristics of the faulty selenoid matic above. 

The Cost to Overcome a Selenoid Malfunction? 

If the selenoid is damaged, how much will it cost? When there is damage to this section, the costs that you have to spend can reach Rp. 2 to Rp. 3 million. However, if the vehicle is old enough, or more than 8 years old, repair costs can reach IDR 5 million. 

When you find out the characteristics of a faulty selenoid matic, make sure to bring the vehicle to an authorized Daihatsu workshop as soon as possible in order to get an original replacement part, and have it repaired by an experienced mechanic. 

In addition, you also don't have to stand in long queues for service, because you can book services online. 

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