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5 Ways to Overcome Skipping Transmission Gears, Let's Get to Know the Causes!

5 Ways to Overcome Skipping Transmission Gears, Let's Get to Know the Causes

As a manual car owner, you must have felt the transmission shift on its own or what is often called a jump gear. A jump gear is a transmission that automatically switches to neutral. If you ever feel it, this means it is a problem that must be overcome. 

Actually, how to deal with this jumping transmission gear is not as difficult as one might think. Basically, jump gear can endanger the safety of the rider. However, by knowing the causes of missing teeth, you can handle them easily and take prevention.

The following are various causes and steps to deal with missing teeth, including:

1. Synchrome damage occurs

The first cause of missing teeth is damage to the syncromes. If these parts are damaged, the engine will wear out and scratches will occur in the synchromes. Please note, synchromes themselves are manual car spare parts that have a role so that the gear rotation is the same. 

If the synchrome has minor damage, repairs can be carried out, but if the synchrome damage is severe enough, one of the steps that can be taken is to replace the syncromes. 

2. Improper clutch setting

Generally, this jump gear problem can also occur due to an inappropriate clutch setting. This can make the transmission stuck and difficult to enter. The way to deal with a jumping transmission gear caused by this problem can be by adjusting the clutch footing by repairing the clutch depth. 

3. Weakening of the clutch cover clutch

Another cause of jumping transmission gears is a weakened clutch cover. This spare part basically has a role as a component in the clutch system and becomes a clutch lining clamp. 

In order to overcome this, you only need to take the car to an official repair shop. If the damage to the clutch cover is light, repairs will be carried out later, but if the damage is severe, mechanics will generally replace it with new spare parts. 

4. Ring wear and tear

Wear on the blocking ring can also make the transmission teeth jump by themselves. For example, second gear shifts into neutral by itself. This can make it difficult for the driver to operate the transmission lever. The way to deal with a jumping transmission gear caused by this problem can be by replacing the component. 

5. Worn gear teeth

Wear gear teeth will make the transmission teeth jump. Not only that, misaligned and loose transmissions can also be the cause. Therefore, make sure to always check the transmission components so that their functions can run optimally.

In addition, components or spare parts that have been damaged can be replaced with new spare parts, so that this problem does not occur again. The way to deal with a jumping transmission gear must be adjusted to the cause. Generally, this jump gear problem cannot be solved alone and must be solved by an experienced mechanic. 

So that the problem with the jumping transmission gear can be resolved properly, you can take it to an official Daihatsu repair shop . There, the car will be checked carefully, so that the cause of the transmission gear jump can be identified and resolved immediately. 

In addition, you also don't need to be afraid of standing in line for a long time, because you can make a booking service, so you only need to come according to the service schedule. 

For service problems, you also don't need to doubt it, all authorized Daihatsu repair technicians are experienced technicians, the spare parts used are also genuine spare parts. So what are you waiting for? Troubleshoot your vehicle at an authorized Daihatsu repair shop. 

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