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4 Functions of a Car Fuel Filter and How to Clean It

4 Functions of a Car Fuel Filter and How to Clean It

The car's fuel filter is one of the components of the fuel system that has such a significant role, the presence of this component will ensure the car's performance is good. However, even though this part is so important, not a few vehicle owners know its function. 

In fact, if this part of the fuel filter is not cared for properly, it will harm the driver. Indeed, this section is difficult to open but can still be cleaned to remove various kinds of dirt that has settled. 

If there is too much dirt, you can replace the filter with a new one, because the accumulated dirt will be difficult to clean and take a very long time. There are various important functions possessed by this component, here are some of them, including:

1. As a dirt filter

The main function of this component is as a filter for impurities in the fuel. If there is no screening process, various problems will appear in the vehicle. 

2. Water element filter

Another function of the car's fuel filter is as a filter for the water element. Usually, this water element is also present in the fuel. If the fuel is mixed with water, the car's performance will be hampered. Thus, with this fuel filter, the presence of water will be filtered and the risk of mixing fuel and water can be avoided. With this, the car's performance continues to be stable.

3. Reducing the fuel flow rate

Another function of the fuel filter that is no less important is to reduce the speed of the fuel flow. Thus, the car can run stably in a number of road conditions. In addition, with this reduced fuel flow, harmful components are not channeled into the fuel chamber. 

As we know, the components that enter the combustion can cause sediment at the bottom. Therefore, a fuel filter is needed. 

4. Prevents the fuel filter from getting clogged

When the fuel filter section is clogged, the resistance in the fuel flow can be increased. If this has happened, more fuel will enter the carburetor and the use of fuel will become more wasteful. 

When the engine has high rotation, the engine requires a large amount of fuel. This is what makes the engine power to decrease. 

How To Clean Car Fuel Filter? 

Actually, this fuel filter cleaning process can be done at home. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Locate the fuel filter

Before cleaning the filter, first look for the fuel filter. The fuel filter has a different location. There are filters that have a flow to the injection system, there are also those in other locations. 

2. Open the fuel line

To clean the fuel filter, you can start opening the fuel line. The clamps can be tightened using a flat screwdriver. Then, close it using clamps. 

3. Prepare a container

Place the container right on the gasoline filter, then open the clamp lid. When opening the clamp cover, pull the hose on the filter then let the gasoline come out by itself. Then start cleaning the gasoline filter. 

How, cleaning a car's fuel filter is not as difficult as it seems, is it? However, if you are still having trouble cleaning it, you can take the car to an authorized Daihatsu repair shop. In addition to maintenance, you can purchase original spare parts here. Apart from that, you won't have to wait in long queues for service, because Daihatsu has an online booking service. 

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