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Car Air Suspension Functions, Strengths and Weaknesses

Car Air Suspension Functions, Strengths and Weaknesses

Car air suspension or car air suspension is still popular with modification fans. Why is that? Because the car's air suspension can add to the appearance of the car to be cooler and flatter.

Even though it's flat, the use of air suspension in cars provides a distance between the bumper and the asphalt. These conditions prevent the car's bumper from being eroded by the asphalt. The following will explain what are the functions of a car air suspension along with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Car Air Suspension function 

As previously explained, a car's air suspension can make a car look even cooler. However, it doesn't damage the car's bumper because it has the same function as other suspension systems.

As is known, the car's suspension system serves to reduce shocks or vibrations when the car passes through damaged roads. This can make the driver and passengers always feel comfortable when the car is maneuvering.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Air Suspension

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that you need to know, before you use air suspension in your favorite car.

1. Excess

Here are some of the advantages of car air suspension that you need to know.

  • The appearance of the car has become cooler

The first advantage of using a car's air suspension can make the car look cooler. Why is that? Because the car looks flatter like the cars used in car racing or drift movies. 

  • Comfort awake

Even though it makes the car look flatter , you can still feel comfortable maneuvering. This happens because you can adjust the height of the car when crossing damaged roads via a smartphone. So you don't need to be afraid that the underbody of the car will be crushed by the asphalt and the car will shake while driving the car.

  • Save fuel

Using a car's air suspension can save fuel, because you can minimize wind friction on the car. The method is easy, you only need to adjust the height of the car when crossing steep or damaged roads.

  • Extend tire life

Car air suspension can also extend tire life , because you can adjust the height of the car when crossing damaged roads. 

2. Lack

Here are the drawbacks you need to know when you use a car's air suspension.

  • Car maintenance is becoming more difficult 

Many car components move when using a car's air suspension, making car maintenance even more difficult and expensive. Because you need to take care of other components more routinely. For example hoses, compressors, air tubes and others.

  • They are quite expensive

To install air suspension on a car, you need to spend at least IDR 30 million. 

  • The weight of the car is getting heavier and wasteful of fuel

Using a car's air suspension can affect the steering performance of the car, because the car's load becomes heavier. If you can't adjust the height of the car properly, then fuel consumption becomes more wasteful.

  • Installation is tricky

When you want to install a car's air suspension, you need the help of a technician so you don't damage other car components. Installing a car suspension is somewhat more complicated because it combines the performance of mechanical and electrical suspensions. So you don't try to install a car air suspension alone.

After you read reviews about car air suspension as above. Are you interested in using this component, or not? If you are interested, make sure you do the installation at the nearest Daihatsu dealer. Because Daihatsu has professional technicians who will make your car look cooler and more comfortable when maneuvering. 

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