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Types of Car Power Tools and Their Functions

Types of Car Power Tools and Their Functions

When you are repairing a car, you don't only need hand tools but also need to use power tools. So what is meant by power tools? And what is its function for? Power tools are equipment used to support repairs in the workshop world.

This equipment usually uses electricity instead of human power. The function of power tools varies depending on their type. To get to know him further, pay attention to the following reviews. Here are some types of power tools that you need to know about.

1. Hand drill (portable drill)

In the automotive world, the use of power tools such as portable drills is often used to repair punctured car tires. The main function of the portable drill is to drill or make holes in objects. For example, when a tire is punctured by a nail, a portable drill is used to make holes in the tire that is stuck with a nail.

Tires that are perforated using a portable drill will have neater holes so that the tire patch results are more optimal.

2. Air drill

Air drill is a power tool that uses pneumatic wind as an energy source. The function of the air drill is the same as the portable drill, namely to make holes in tires.

3. Pneumatic screwdriver (Pneumatic Screwdriver)

When repairing a car, to make it easier to remove the screws, you will need a screwdriver. Using a regular screwdriver is sometimes ineffective because the screws are sometimes very tightly attached.

Therefore, you need a pneumatic screwdriver (pneumatic screwdriver). These power tools will help you remove and install screws quickly and easily.

4. Electric impact wrench

If a pneumatic screwdriver is used to remove and install screws easily. Electric impact wrench has the function of removing and locking bolts easily and quickly.

5. Air impact wrench

An air impact wrench has the same function as an electric impact wrench. However, some of the power sources for these power tools come from electricity and pneumatic wind.

6. Duster water

Air duster or airgun is usually used to clean dirt on the sidelines of car components that are difficult to reach. The tool uses pneumatic wind as a power source to spray air.

7. Spray guns

Spray gun is a type of power tools used for the car body painting process.

8. Tire pressure gauge

Tire pressure gauge has a function as a tool to check the air pressure inside the tire. With this tool, you can find out when to fill the tires with air, and how much air pressure is appropriate.

9. Electric hand grinder

Electric hand grinders are power tools used to cut metal and can be used to polish car bodies. The use of this tool is usually used for the purposes of the car modification process, especially when cutting car parts.

10.Grinding wheels

Grinding is a power tool used to sharpen chisels, drills, and punches. This tool is usually attached to the grinder seat. Those are some types of power tools that are usually used by repair shops when repairing cars. Now you are much more familiar with the functions of these various power tools. 

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