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Note, the validity period of the latest SIM is not from the date of birth anymore

Note, the validity period of the latest SIM is not from the date of birth anymore

Talking about the validity period of the latest 2022 SIM, it is not the same as the validity period in previous years. In the past, SIMs expired every 5 years based on the date of birth of the maker.

However, this rule is no longer in effect. So when is the SIM said to have expired or expired? For more details, consider the following review.

Latest Rules for SIM Validity in 2022

A driver's license (SIM) is an important document or permit for a person's eligibility to drive a motorized vehicle. SIM itself is divided into several types according to the vehicle being driven. SIM types include:

  • SIM A for car
  • SIM B1 for public transportation
  • SIM B2 for trucks and heavy duty vehicles
  • SIM C for motorbikes
  • and SIM D for disabled drivers. 

SIM is the legality of driving, so someone who doesn't have it is not fit to use a motorized vehicle. This aims to avoid traffic accidents, or things that endanger other road users.

SIM has a validity period that must be renewed every 5 years like the validity period of police license plates. Previously, SIMs had a validity period of 5 years and the expiration date was based on the date of birth of each maker.

However, SIM currently has different rules. That is, a SIM is valid for 5 years since the issuance of a SIM. For example, you were born on May 2, but you renewed your SIM on April 27, 2018. This means that your SIM expiration date is not May 2, 2023, but April 27, 2023.

This regulation has actually been enforced since October 2020. This rule refers to the Perkap (Kapolri Regulation) Th. 2012 No. 9. Even so, not everyone knows this. Therefore, you must be more careful so that the validity of your SIM is not canceled. If you are not careful, you are required to make a new SIM again. 

How to Extend the Newest SIM in 2022

Below it will be explained how to easily extend the SIM online 2022 . Here's how to complete.

1. Prepare the online SIM renewal requirements document

Before you extend your SIM, you must prepare the following documents.

  • Old SIM
  • ID card
  • Psychological test results
  • Physical RIKKES test results
  • Passport photo with blue background
  • Signature photo using bold ink on plain paper 

You can scan these requirements for the purpose of uploading these requirements on the KORLANTAS website or application. In addition to the conditions above, you also need to fulfill the 90-day SIM extension requirement before it expires. 

2. Apply several ways of extension

The following are the steps you need to take when extending your SIM.

  • Download the National Police Traffic Corps Digital application on your smartphone.
  • Register for an account using your cellphone number.
  • Wait a moment until an SMS or OTP code appears.
  • Next, enter the OTP code that you received.
  • Next, create a security PIN and confirm the PIN.
  • After that, enter your personal data starting from name, email, and NIK.
  • Wait a moment, until a notification appears in the email regarding account activation.
  • Activate the account, and verify using the live photo feature.
  • Prepare all SIM extension requirements.
  • Then do a physical RIKKES test, and a psychological test on the site that has been explained in the application.
  • After the test results are passed, you enter the SIM creation menu.
  • Upload all the required documents then select the SIM issuance task force.
  • Fill in your domicile address information along with the SIM issuing Satpas.
  • Make a SIM renewal payment and wait for your SIM to be sent. 

That's the information regarding the validity period of the latest 2022 SIM, let's check immediately whether your SIM is expired or not? 

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