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What is a Car Engine Brake? This is how to do it & its benefits

What is a Car Engine Brake? This is how to do it & its benefits

Surely you've heard the term engine brake? If you've heard of it, do you understand what a car engine brake is? If you don't understand it, let's pay attention to the following review.

Car engine braking is a vehicle speed control technique so that the vehicle speed becomes slower by lowering the transmission to a lower transmission gear. You can do this technique to reduce brake wear.

How to Do Engine Brake

Engine brake on a car, is done depending on the type of car transmission you are using. Are you using a car with a manual or automatic transmission? To do the engine brake, you can follow the following examples.

1. Engine brake for manual transmission

Here are some examples that you can try when you want to do the engine brake on a car with a manual transmission.

  • First remove your foot from the part of the gas pedal that you step on.
  • Next, slowly release the clutch pedal.
  • Then, you lower the transmission gears gradually according to the sequence. For example, from gear 4, you go down to gear 3, until you get to a lower transmission gear that you want. This condition can slow down the car even without pressing the brakes.
  • Next, you can use the clutch and brake pedals to stop your car.
  • When you do the engine brake, there are things you need to pay attention to. You must not step on the gas while doing this technique because it can cause damage to the engine. 

2. Engine brake for automatic transmission

Here are some examples that you can try when you want to do the engine brake on a car with an automatic transmission.

  • First of all you need to move the position of the transmission lever from position D (drive) to the transmission lever 2. Transferring the transmission lever can slow down the car. If it doesn't feel right, you can move the 2nd transmission lever to the L transmission. 
  • If your car's automatic transmission has an OD (Over Drive) button. You can use this button when you want to slow down the car.

Benefits of Using Engine Brake

Techniques for reducing the car's speed, such as engine braking, teach you to take advantage of engine rotation and transmission gear reduction to slow down the car's speed. These conditions are very favorable for you. The following are the benefits and advantages that you get when using the engine brake.

  • Reducing the workload of the brakes thereby reducing wear and tear on the tires and components of the car's braking system. 
  • Transmission gearshift becomes smoother so as to minimize the effect of heart shock as it occurs when the car is braking.
  • Can reduce the speed of the car so that the deceleration becomes much faster.
  • The car accelerates spontaneously so that it can overtake other vehicles that are moving slowly.
  • The braking process is much faster. 

Those are the benefits and advantages that you can get when doing the engine brake when driving a car. Are you now interested in doing engine braking? You can combine this technique by pressing the brake pedal so that the car's speed decreases quickly. 

These conditions will optimize the car's braking process without damaging the car's braking components. Don't forget to check the car's braking system regularly so that safety while driving is always maintained. 

If there are problems with the system and components, immediately visit the nearest Daihatsu dealer to get proper treatment.

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