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5 Disturbing Car Sounds You Should Pay Attention To

5 Disturbing Car Sounds You Should Pay Attention To

5 Disturbing Car Sounds You Should Pay Attention To - Everyone certainly wants comfort when in a car cabin and driving. But unfortunately we are often disturbed by the sounds of car components. You shouldn't underestimate this, because the appearance of a disturbing sound could be a symptom of a problem with a certain component that needs to be repaired. 

If it's like this, of course, an inspection must be carried out to find out the problem point and repair it immediately. Here are 5 annoying sounds that often occur in cars and you should pay attention to them:

1. Fan Belt Squeaking Sound

One source of sound that is often disturbing is the squeaking sound of the fan belt. The noise of the car engine belt is usually caused by the quality of the fan belt which starts to decline causing slippage. The declining quality of the fan belt is triggered by several factors such as the age of use and even damage due to the condition of the fan belt being dirty. 

Damage to the fan belt not only causes car engine belt noise but can also cause the surrounding systems such as the alternator, air conditioner and water pump to become less than optimal. Therefore, if while driving you hear annoying squeaks continuously, immediately take your car to a repair shop for inspection. 

2. The car engine makes a tickle sound

Engine knocking or commonly known as engine knocking is a condition in which a sound similar to the sound of a typewriter appears from the engine. This symptom should not be underestimated, because it will have a negative impact on engine performance and durability. 

The cause of the engine making a typewriter sound is a problem with the combustion process. The use of fuel with an inappropriate octane is usually the main trigger for this problem. As a result, there is vibration in the engine cylinder chamber when the engine is running. 

Not only does it make the sound of a typewriter annoying, this problem also makes the engine work harder and becomes more wasteful of gasoline and triggers a long-term risk of wear and tear of engine components. Therefore if you hear the sound of a typewriterfrom your car, immediately do the inspection. 

3. AC Compressor Humming

Annoying sound in the AC compressor is usually caused by a lack of lubricant. Components on the compressor that rub against each other and wear out will cause a buzzing sound. 

It's not just annoying, the sound of the AC compressor is a symptom of an AC problem which, if left untreated, will make its performance not optimal. Especially if the condition of the AC freon is clogged, the result is that the AC is not cold and interferes with your comfort while driving. 

4. Sounds On Car Tires

The buzzing sound is not only caused by the engine or AC compressor, a bumpy or bumpy car tire can also cause an uncomfortable sound to hear. Damage to tires is usually caused by the age of the tires or the wrong way of driving, such as frequently hitting potholes and damaged roads without reducing speed, for example. 

When you hear a buzzing sound from a car tire, you should immediately check with a repair shop to find out the source of the problem. If the condition of the tires is bad enough, replace them with new tires. This is important, because tires are one of the vital components in a car that every day must rub directly against the terrain.

5. Worn Wheel Bearing

The main cause of noise in car components usually comes from parts that rub together and begin to wear out. No exception to the sound that occurs in the wheel bearings. The buzzing sound in the wheel bearings can be very loud and annoying. 

To be able to fix it temporarily, you can jack your car and then shake each wheel vertically. However, if the sound is still heard for a long time, you should immediately take it to an authorized Suzuki repair shop.

Don't ignore annoying noises coming from your car. Carry out maintenance and inspection of your car only at authorized Suzuki repair shops. Book your service schedule by clicking on this page https://www.suzuki.co.id/services

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