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Bad Effects When You Forget To Change Brake Fluid

Bad Effects When You Forget To Change Brake Fluid

Bad Effects When You Forget To Change Brake Fluid - Car brakes are an important part that determines your safety while driving. This component has parts that are quite complex and need extra care to keep it working optimally. One of the maintenance of brake components that should not be missed is replacing brake fluid or fluid. 

Brake fluiditself not only functions to push the piston in the brake calipers so that the canvas will press the disc when you pull the brake lever, but also reduces heat to the two components when they are rubbing. 

Therefore, in order not to reduce the performance of the car, brake fluid must be replaced regularly. The actual brake fluid change interval depends on the intensity of using the car. You should check your car regularly so you know when it's time to replace it regularly. 

Generally, servicing or draining car brake fluid is usually done every 40,000 km. This mileage is considered to have consumed quite a lot of oil, so it would be better if it was checked and drained the car's brake fluid and then replaced it with a new one. 

In addition to covering a distance of 40,000 km, approximately once every two years the oil in the car's brakes needs to be replaced. Even though the car is rarely used, in the sense that in two years it may not reach 40,000 km of mileage, this oil still has a limited time of use.

Compared to an oil change, some drivers sometimes neglect to change or drain the car's brake fluid regularly. In fact, if it is not replaced regularly, it will certainly have a bad impact on your vehicle. Problems that can arise due to forgetting to change brake fluid include: 

Reduced Brake Performance

Brake fluid has an important role in the performance of the car. This fluid makes the operation of the brakes while driving by dissipating the heat from the engine while driving. When the quality of brake fluid begins to decrease, white bubbles will appear so that the boiling point will decrease. The absence of this boiling point can reduce the performance of the entire brake system.

The brakes deflated when the car was first used

A car's brake pedal that feels flat or sinks when stepped on and loses its hydraulic power is one of the bad effects that happens if you forget to change the brake fluid. Brakes that have lost their function are one of the factors causing successive accidents on the streets. 

Brake failure actually doesn't just happen, usually the initial symptom is that the brake pedal vibrates when stepped on, the direction of the car is not straight and in the end the brakes feel submerged. When you feel these symptoms, you should immediately take your car to a repair shop to be repaired to avoid further damage. 

Brakes fail on downhill roads

Brake fluid that has begun to decline in quality and is not replaced immediately will cause a loss of ability to control the speed of the car. This will be very risky when driving a car on an incline. In this kind of terrain, the vehicle will be difficult to control its speed.

When passing through the derivative, the vehicle will go faster because of the rolling nature of the wheels. Of course the role of brakes is very important here. If you find brakes that feel loose when you are on a descent, you should immediately check the condition of the oil.

It is so important to change brake fluid so that you can continue to drive safely and comfortably. Only replace brake fluid at an authorized Suzuki workshop. Visit the nearest Suzuki authorized repair shop in your city!
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