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5 Reasons Why Suzuki Outboard Engine Deserves to Be a Mainstay

5 Reasons Why Suzuki Outboard Engine Deserves to Be a Mainstay

5 Reasons Why Suzuki Outboard Engine Deserves to Be a Mainstay - For those of you who have daily activities and need water transportation, having a personal outboard boat engine will certainly help your daily mobility. 

However, the outboard boat engine that functions as a propulsion on this boat is of course not only intended to meet transportation needs, the need for water sports hobbies and traveling using a speed boat engine can also be obtained by having this machine.

This growing need is what makes many automotive manufacturers issue various variants of outboard boat engines, including Suzuki Marine. There are at least 28 types of outboard boat engines of various types, namely Small, Medium and Large, which are present and offered by Suzuki Marine. 

Armed with experience and a trusted reputation as an automotive company, Suzuki Marine's outboard engine is worth considering and choosing as your daily means of transportation. Not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, of course, are the advantages of Suzuki's outboard boat engine. 

Apart from that, Suzuki's outboard boat engine also has good indicators for outboard boat engines, where these indicators include:

1. Save Fuel

A good outboard boat engine is a fuel-efficient engine and has a clean combustion system. The outboard engine produced by Suzuki is equipped with 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine types which are famous for their ability to save fuel. 

2. Modern Design

Not only performance, the design of the outboard boat engine also affects your confidence. One of the reasons why the Suzuki Marine outboard engine is worthy of your choice is its modern and timeless design, making it suitable for installation on any type of boat. 

3. Complete Features

In addition to the two reasons previously described, the Suzuki outboard engine also has complete features to make it easier for you to drive on water. For example, on the Suzuki DF325A outboard engine. 

This 4390 cc engine has a dual propeller that can rotate in two directions. In this way, the ship can be more stable and fuel efficient. 

Meanwhile, this machine is also equipped with various features such as the Lean Burn System which makes fuel consumption economical, Timing Chain with Self Adjusting Technology, 2-stage Gear Reduction and Offset Driveshaft which can increase engine power and reduce vibration in the engine. 

Then, there is the New Multi Function Gauge feature which allows us to find out information about the tachometer, speed and fuel so that it makes it easier for you to find out the information you need when on the move.

4. Serviceability & Spare Parts

In addition to the engines that have various advantages, one of the reasons for choosing the Suzuki Marine outboard engine is the ease of access to service and get genuine spare parts. 

Where routine maintenance of the outboard boat engine is the main key so that the engine remains durable and maintained. To do your service, you can come directly to the official repair shop or make an online booking by visiting https://www.suzuki.co.id/services/marine Meanwhile, to shop for genuine spare parts, you can also easily access the MySuzuki application from your smartphone.

5. Attractive Price

With all the advantages offered, Suzuki Marine outboard engines are priced at various prices according to the type of engine itself. To find out the various types, full specification details and prices for Suzuki boat engines, visit https://www.suzuki.co.id/marine/product

So how, have you determined the type of Suzuki outboard engine that you are looking for? Immediately contact Suzuki Marine to get the best offer!

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