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How the Motorcycle Carburetor Works

How the Motorcycle Carburetor Works

How the Motorcycle Carburetor Works - The function of the motorcycle carburetor is very important for the combustion process. This component is responsible for collecting and mixing air and fuel from the vehicle. So that the fuel becomes easier to burn and become energy. 

Even though currently the use of motorcycle carburetors is starting to decrease because many motorcycles have now switched to injection systems, there's nothing wrong if you learn how carburetors work. Especially if you are a fan of classic motorbikes and intend to collect them.

Let's find out how a motorcycle carburetor works in full and how to care for it! Carburetors work in a similar way to mosquito spray. The liquid fuel is sucked in and converted into fog, to do this process the carburetor relies on the movement of the piston that moves down when doing the suction stroke. 

It is this fuel mist that will be used in the combustion process and the amount or amount of fog produced to be transmitted to the combustion chamber, all depends on the opening of the gas casing of the motorcycle you are riding.

The way motorcycle carburetor works is still very manual when compared to the injection system. However, if there is damage or want to change settings, fiddling with the carburetor is certainly easier than adjusting the injection system. 

No need for sophisticated tools, all you need to do is simply use a minus (-) screwdriver. For example, if you want to adjust the use of fuel to be more efficient, you only need to turn the gas and fuel settings to reduce the flow rate. Even if you want to modify it, such as changing the pilot jet and main jet with a larger size so that the fuel flow is smoother, it can also be done easily 

How to Clean the Carburetor

In order for the carburetor to remain in prime condition, you need to perform simple maintenance. Problems that often occur in carburetors are usually around parts that are too dirty or water entering. Even though it looks trivial, this problem can make the motorbike difficult to start. What is the correct way to clean the carburetor? Follow this method!

1. Remove the carburetor from the mount & clean it

First of all remove the carburetor from the holder with the help of a wrench. After that, open the bowl or carburetor cover and clean the part of sediment or liquid using a brush. 

2. Clean the air filter

After that do also cleaning on the carburetor air filter. To make it easier, first remove this part from the carburetor, clean it carefully with a special air filter cleaner. If it's clean, you can dry it by airing it. 

3. Clean the Pilot Jet, Main Jet, and Needle Jet Parts

These three parts of the carburetor have an important role in the workings of the motor carburetor . Because of its small size, this part is indeed a difficult part to clean and you must be extra careful. First remove the three parts earlier. 

For the pilot jet & main jet, you can clean it by blowing the hole with a compressor. As for the needle jet, you can clean it with a brush. Once clean, you can re-install all the carburetor components one by one as before and reinstall them. 

That's a summary of the ways you can take care of a motorcycle carburetor. If you want tips and tricks on caring for various other motorcycle components, visit the https://www.suzuki.co.id/tips-trik page to get complete information.
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