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8 Problems That Often Occur in Automatic Cars

8 Problems That Often Occur in Automatic Cars

8 Problems That Often Occur in Automatic Cars - Easy to drive and more practical are the main reasons automatic transmission cars or automatic cars are popular with many people. However, like a manual type car, an automatic transmission car is also not free from problems that often make its performance decrease. 

It is important for you, especially the owner of an automatic transmission car, to know what problems and causes are in order to avoid these problems from happening to your favorite car. Check out the summary below!

1. Vibrating Car

The most common symptom of problems with automatic transmission cars is annoying vibrations. This indicates a problem with the transmission as well as the engine of your car. Usually caused by the condition of the clutch lining that is worn so that friction occurs on the clutch lining.

2. Unsmooth Gear Shifting

Another problem that often occurs is pounding when you shift gears. This causes every time you change gears it doesn't feel smooth. If your car is experiencing these symptoms, it's best to check the electrical system section because it could be the cause there. 

3. Reverse Gear Stuck

The problem that often occurs in other automatic cars that should not be ignored is the reverse gear that is often jammed. The cause of the car not being able to reverse even though it has moved the transmission to the R position is usually caused by damage to the automatic transmission component of your car. 

Another cause of a stuck reverse gear can also be caused by a damaged gear lever. Not only reverse gear, if there is damage to the gear lever you will not be able to move the gear lever to all the points on the torque symbol. 

The gear will become stuck and cannot be moved from the “P” position on the torque symbol or the parking position. 

4. Annoying Sound When in Neutral Position

The appearance of disturbing sounds in the transmission components, especially when you are in neutral, is usually caused by worn parts of the bearing and input shaft. To overcome this, you should immediately bring your automatic car to an official Suzuki workshop to make repairs and avoid even more serious damage. 

5. Leaking Transmission Oil

Usually, oil leaks in the automatic transmission system are caused by several things, such as rarely changing oil, improper driving methods such as stepping on the pedal too fast or hitting a speed bump without reducing speed, and this oil leak can also be caused by a side effect of a post-accident collision. 

If the transmission oil continues to leak, this of course not only reduces performance but can also trigger more severe problems in your car. Considering that transmission oil keeps all components that function in the gearshift process protected from friction and wear, so the car will last longer. 

6. Fuel Be Wasteful

Automatic cars are often identified with cars that are more fuel-intensive. However, if you observe this fuel wastage happening very unnaturally, it could be that your automatic car is experiencing problems. 

Usually automatic cars become more fuel-intensive due to the car's torque power being not channeled to the maximum to be able to generate power to the final drive system. Therefore it is necessary to check your car to get it back to normal again. 

7. Difficult to Carry On Uphill Streets

Automatic cars, especially those that are quite old, usually often experience this disorder. Cars lose power like this are usually caused by various things such as too heavy a load such as the car being too full or luggage that exceeds capacity. 

Another cause of the car not being able to climb can also come from damage to the engine such as a leak in the combustion chamber or a scratched cylinder housing which makes the car less powerful. 

8. Slips Occur

Even in manual cars, cases like this can happen. In automatic cars, it is usually due to the step T type transmission system shifting from gear 1 to gear 2. As for automatic cars that use a continuously variable transmission, slipping or slipping symptoms like this can occur when the car is running.

Those are some of the problems that often occur in automatic cars. When you feel your car is experiencing one of the signs as above, you should immediately take your car to an authorized Suzuki repair shop for further inspection. 

Also note how to properly care for automatic cars to reduce the risk of damage. Find out about other car care tips & tricks at https://www.suzuki.co.id/tips-trik

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