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Avoid Fraud, Take These 4 Steps When Buying a Car at a Dealer

Avoid Fraud, Take These 4 Steps When Buying a Car at a Dealer

Avoid Fraud, Take These 4 Steps When Buying a Car at a Dealer - When making any transaction, of course we need to pay attention to several things to avoid fraud. Likewise when buying a car at a dealer, there are standard procedures that you as a consumer must follow so that the transaction runs safely.

What is the correct procedure for buying a car at the dealer? Here are the steps:

1.) Make Sure You Receive an SPK (Vehicle Order Letter)

When transacting, do not transfer DP ( Down Payment) or pay off if you have not received the SPK Vehicle Order form as proof of the transaction, and make sure the SPK sheet you receive is an official form issued by the dealer where you made the purchase.

2.) Study the contents of the SPK

Next, you need to carefully study the terms and conditions listed in the SPK. Make sure the model, type and price of the car that has been agreed upon are in accordance with what is written in the SPK, also ask the sales person if there are points that you don't understand.

3.) Do Not Transfer Other than to an Authorized Dealer's Account

When making a DP (Down Payment) payment or settlement, you must make a transfer to the dealer's official account listed in the SPK. Do not make transfers to the sales person's personal account or other accounts other than the official account of the dealer where you transact. 

If there are parties who persuade you to make a transfer to another account under any pretext, you can contact Honda Customer Care at toll free 0800-14-46632 from Monday-Friday 08.30 – 17.30 WIB.

Apart from bank transfers, you can also make direct cash payments at an authorized dealer's cashier, and the transaction is considered valid if you have received the original receipt from the dealer.

4.) SPK signature

After studying and agreeing to the contents of the SPK, and ensuring that you have made the transfer to the dealer's official account, you can then sign the SPK and obtain a photocopy of it for you to keep as proof of the transaction.

Let's make transactions according to the procedure for your safety and comfort!
Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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