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Check out 6 Important Tips for Smooth Mudik

Check out 6 Important Tips for Smooth Mudik

Check out 6 Important Tips for Smooth Mudik - Ahead of the 2022 Eid holiday, many families use private cars to return to their hometowns. Of course, driving a car to go home requires extra preparation because the distance is quite far and the amount of luggage. What do you need to prepare? Check out the following tips!

1) Prepare Sufficient Luggage

Before leaving for homecoming, prepare items that need to be taken such as clothes, toiletries, medicines, food and drinks in moderation. Placing items on the roof of the car is not recommended because it can interfere with your driving stability. 

If you have a lot of luggage, make sure your car has a large luggage capacity, such as the All New Honda BR-V , which has the largest trunk in its class, so you can carry lots of stuff and travel comfortably.

2) Use a 7-Seater Car for Families

For long trips with the family, a 7-seater car will better accommodate your needs during the trip. Make sure the car you use has a spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom, so that all family members can enjoy the trip comfortably. The All New Honda BR-V can be used as an option with the largest cabin in its class.

3) Ensure Enough Fuel

Before starting the trip, make sure your vehicle's fuel is full to avoid having trouble finding a gas station on the way. Through the MID screen, you can check how much distance you can travel with the current fuel capacity, so you can also estimate whether your destination can be reached in one go, or at what distance you need to find a gas station.

Even better if your vehicle has efficient fuel consumption and high performance, such as the All New Honda BR-V which is supported by a 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine with the largest 121 PS power in its class and with fuel consumption that is 3% more efficient than the previous generation.

4) Use the Cruise Control Feature

The Cruise Control feature functions to run the car automatically at a constant speed without the need to continuously press the gas pedal, so that the driver is not too tired when traveling long distances on the highway. However, you still need to be on guard to press the brake pedal if you need to reduce speed. 

At a more sophisticated level, the All New Honda BR-V has an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature which can also run the car automatically. Unlike the usual Cruise Control, ACC adjusts the gas and brakes automatically to match the distance of the vehicle in front, so you can relax more while driving.

5) Rest When Tired

The majority of traffic accidents are caused by drowsy and tired drivers, which is why it's important to stop and rest every few hours. It's even better if you bring a friend or family member who can take turns driving, so you can rest on the way. 

Of course, your comfort while resting can be maximized in a cabin that has minimal noise, such as the All New Honda BR-V which is designed to increase the air tightness of the cabin by up to 60% better than the previous generation.

6) Prepare an Emergency Number

Another important thing that needs to be considered is setting up an emergency number in anticipation of unwanted things happening during the trip. You can save the hospital number, police station number, and the Honda Experience emergency service number which can help if your car breaks down in the middle of the road by calling 0800-1446-632 (press 1).

Through Experience Honda, you can get emergency services such as checking and replacing vehicle batteries, replacing tires, filling up to 5 liters of fuel and towing services to the nearest Honda Dealer.

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