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How to Overcome a Car That Has Started to Decrease in Performance

How to Overcome a Car That Has Started to Decrease in Performance

How to Overcome a Car That Has Started to Decrease in Performance - Every car owner certainly wants maximum car performance every time he drives. However, as time goes by, the age and mileage of a car that is no longer young, we often find that the car becomes less powerful. Of course, if you experience this problem, you have to find out the cause and how to overcome it. Here are some of the factors that trigger a decrease in performance on your car. 

Fuel System

First of all, pay attention to the condition of the fuel system in the car. Check the fuel filter too. Because this component plays an important role in supplying fuel to the car. If there are obstacles such as clogged and dirty, the fuel supply function will not function optimally. 

A dirty fuel filter will cause imperfect fuel absorption and the injector pressure will become unstable. The car became choked up and its performance was reduced. Perform fuel filter maintenance so that you regularly check and clean it regularly. 

Air filter problem

Like the fuel filter, the presence of an air filter is just as important. This component is responsible for supplying oxygen to the engine and filtering it so that the air entering the engine is not dirty. An air filter that is not in good condition causes the car's acceleration to decrease. 

This is because the oxygen supplied to the engine is of poor quality. In fact, the quality of oxygen greatly affects the combustion process in the engine, because it is important for you to ensure that the air filter is in good condition and not dirty, it must be a mandatory agenda for you. 

Constraints in Ignition Components

The ignition component in a car engine is located on the spark plug. When the spark plug cannot work optimally, this can cause a decrease in the performance of your vehicle. Because car spark plugs have an important function, namely as a combustion lighter in the cylinder head. 

Without a spark plug that works optimally, the engine will be difficult to start let alone accelerate. In order to avoid this problem, do regular cleaning of the spark plugs. Also, replace spark plugs that are dirty or worn out. 

Don't delay replacing damaged spark plugs. Because if left continuously, it can trigger more severe damage that spreads to other components in the car engine.

Machine Problems

Another cause of decreased car performance is a problematic engine. Usually the most common problem with the engine is the engine overheating or overheating. To solve the problem of overheating you need to identify the cause first, whether the cooling system is not optimal or the engine oil is reduced. To check this condition in more detail, visit the official Suzuki workshop in your area. 

Incompatible Fuel

Each type of fuel is of course destined for a different type of engine. Because each fuel has a different octane level and the higher the octane number, the better the quality and performance produced. Therefore if you want to feel the maximum performance and power, use the type of fuel with the best octane level. 

In order for the engine performance of your favorite Suzuki car to be maximized, be sure to always do regular tune-ups or servicing at your subscription Suzuki workshop. Get the best service from experienced and professional technicians so that the acceleration of the Suzuki car that you have is still qualified. 

Find an easy way to schedule a service at the nearest Suzuki authorized repair shop by simply clicking on www.suzuki.co.id/services from your cellphone or website.
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