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Buy a New or Second Car, Which Is More Profitable?

Buy a New or Second Car, Which Is More Profitable?

Buy a New or Second Car, Which Is More Profitable? - Buying a car certainly requires careful consideration to suit the needs of the driver. Generally, there are two options for those of you who want to own a car for the first time, namely buying a new or second-hand car. What are the advantages and disadvantages and which one is right for you? Let's check one by one.

A) New Car

Of course there are various advantages that can be obtained by buying a new car. Unlike buying a second-hand car, you don't need to check the condition of the car one by one because a new car has certainly passed the factory inspection test and uses the latest components that have a long lifespan, so there is minimal risk of damage. Even so, some manufacturers also still provide a warranty if there is a manufacturing defect.

In addition, several manufacturers also provide free service for every purchase of a new car, such as Honda, which provides free service for up to 4 years / 50,000 km, so that consumers only pay for spare parts.

Then, another advantage of buying a new car is insurance premiums which are relatively more affordable. This is because new cars have a lower risk of being damaged, so the premium price offered also tends to be cheaper than if you apply for insurance for a second-hand car.

Finally, in terms of the practicality of the transaction, buying a new car also tends to be easier because the dealer has already taken care of the process of making license plates, BPKB and STNK. It's different from buying a second car, where you need to return the name of the previous car owner.

B) Second Car

On the other hand, buying a second hand car also has several advantages, especially for those of you who want a car at a more affordable cost. Second hand cars certainly have a cheaper price than buying a new car, which can be adjusted according to your budget. 

However, you should set aside your own budget to make repairs because there may be several components that need to be repaired when you buy a second-hand car.

In addition, the depreciation of prices for second-hand cars is certainly lower than for new cars. The average depreciation of a new car can reach 10%, then increase to 20-25% in the first year. Meanwhile, depreciation on second-hand cars is smaller, usually 9-12% per year.

Then, the tax charged for second-hand cars is also lower than the tax for new cars. But don't forget to pay attention to the progressive tax, because if you have more than one car, the tax charged will also increase.

So, is it better to buy a new car or second hand? If you have a sufficient budget and want to have a car that is still guaranteed quality and minimal risk of damage, then buying a new car is the right choice. 

Specifically from 1 January – 31 March 2022, the government is extending the PPnBM relief so you can own a new car at an affordable price, such as the Honda Brio Satya, Honda Brio RS and Honda Mobilio E CVT. However, if you want a car at a more affordable price, then a used car can be an option.

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