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To be safe, here are driving tips for pregnant women

To be safe, here are driving tips for pregnant women

To be safe, here are driving tips for pregnant women - There are times, because of an urgent need, pregnant women have to drive their own car to support their activities. Of course, driving a car during pregnancy has several risks, so you must pay attention to several things for safety while driving, namely:

1) Pay attention to gestational age

As pregnancy passes through the third trimester, the stomach will get bigger so you are not advised to drive your own car because there is a risk of a collision that could harm the mother and fetus. If your stomach is too big so you find it difficult to sit or get in and out of the car, you should avoid driving your own car.

2) Always Use Your Seat Belt

Even though you are pregnant, you must still wear a seat belt to maintain safety while driving. Position the upper seat belt over the middle of the chest and the side of the stomach, while the lower seat belt is placed under the stomach. Do not place the seat belt across the middle of the stomach because there is a risk of pressing on the stomach when the seat belt is tightened.

3)  Drive Short Distance Only

Pregnant women are not advised to travel long distances, because they fear it will cause fatigue and the risk of sitting for too long can harm their health. Pregnant women should only drive short distances, and be accompanied in the car whenever possible. 

Don't forget to occasionally do short stretches, bring a drink to prevent dehydration on the way and wear comfortable clothes and shoes when driving.

4)  Use the Correct Driving Posture

When you want to drive, make sure your body position is ergonomic enough, the seat back is not too straight or too lean, and keep the ideal distance between your body and the car's steering wheel at least 25 cm. Also adjust the position of the car's steering wheel so that it is parallel to the chest, and not pointing towards the stomach.

Even though pregnant women may drive, it is still recommended to be accompanied by the closest person and it is not recommended to drive for long distances, especially when the stomach is getting bigger. Let's keep driving safely while on the road!

Bona Pasogit
Bona Pasogit Content Creator, Video Creator and Writer

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