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Factors To Consider Before Choosing Outboard Engines

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Outboard Engines

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Outboard Engines - Having a boat engine or a personal outboard engine will certainly make it easier for those of you who often do activities in the water or just do water sports as a hobby. Not only can it be used as a means of supporting transportation, you can also take advantage of owning an outboard engine to become a new business opportunity, such as fishing, travel services and others.

Currently in the market there are various types of outboard engines that offer various advantages. Before making a choice of which outboard engine you want to buy, of course you don't only have to consider the specifications, but also various other factors. 

Especially if you still don't really understand the ins and outs of an outboard engine that is ideal for your boat. Here are various factors that you should consider before choosing an outboard engine: 

Machine Type

The most important thing you should consider is the type of the outboard engine itself. There are 2 types of boat engines that you commonly encounter on the market, namely the 2 stroke outboard engine and the 4 stroke outboard engine. 

The outboard engine 2 is not known to have a light weight, but the drawback is that the outboard engine is considered to have more exhaust emissions so it is not environmentally friendly. This also causes the 2 stroke outboard engine to gradually be abandoned. 

Suzuki Marine itself as a trusted manufacturer of outboard engines, now prefers Suzuki engines for 4 stroke type outboards which have tough engine performance, smoother traction and fuel economy. And what is equally important, the 4 stroke outboard engine is more environmentally friendly. Recognize the Size of the Boat and also the Outboard Engine

Another important thing to consider before choosing a boat engine or outboard engine is to pay attention to the size of your boat or boat. Adjust this size to the outboard engine capacity that you are after. 

Knowing the suitability of a boat with an outboard engine is very easy, most boats or ships even have specifications for the type of engine that is suitable for use. Carefully choose the outboard engine and the resulting power so you can drive through the waters safely and comfortably. 

Find out which injection system is used

Apart from the factors above, you should also consider the fuel injection system used in the outboard engine you want. As is well known, there are 2 types of fuel injection systems in outboard engines, namely:
  • Direct Fuel Injection System Or Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)

The direct fuel injection system works by injecting fuel into the cylinder. The piston on the engine will work by closing the exhaust valve. In this way of working, will avoid wasted fuel.  
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Or Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) 
In this fuel injection system the difference with direct fuel injection is its performance which is able to make the fuel mixture injected into the air when the cylinder has not reached the intake valve. This fuel spray will lower the temperature at the intake valve and trigger evaporation before the combustion chamber. 

This fuel mixture then sparks a fire which is ignited by the spark plug until finally the engine can work. The advantages of this injection system are low emissions and economical fuel consumption without reducing performance. Which injection system is more suitable for you? Consider it carefully. 

After understanding the factors above, do you now know what kind of outboard engine you are looking for? Find the most suitable outboard engine for your boat by checking the complete specifications for various superior outboard engines from Suzuki Marine by visiting https://www.suzuki.co.id/marine . Get the best deals for quality outboard engines only at Suzuki Marine.
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