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The Latest Features That Must Be Available on Your Target Motorcycle

The Latest Features That Must Be Available on Your Target Motorcycle

The Latest Features That Must Be Available on Your Target Motorcycle - Increasingly congested road conditions and demands for activities that require you to have high mobility are often the main reasons you switch to using two-wheeled vehicles instead of cars. The ability of a motorbike to slip and skid in the middle of a traffic jam and navigate through narrow passageways in order to save travel time, is something you can get from riding a motorbike. 

Over time, not only has it become a practical solution to your daily transportation needs, motorbikes now come with a variety of advanced features that make it easier for riders. For example, on the latest Suzuki motorbikes, you can now find features such as the Easy start system, Keyless ignition system, answer back feature to USB charger . 

Let's discuss its uses one by one and make sure if this feature is already available on your dream motorbike. 

Easy start system

This one feature is an innovation that makes it easier for the rider to start the motorcycle. The way this feature works is very easy, it is enough to press the starter button once, the engine will start immediately and be ready to be driven in just 4 seconds. 

So you no longer need to press this button and that, in a short time the motorbike is ready to use. This feature uses the electronic control unit or ECU as the prime mover. Where the ECU will be in charge of regulating the power supply so that the engine can start immediately with a maximum delay of 4 seconds.

The easy start system feature was initially only found on sports type Suzuki motorbikes such as the GSX-R1000 for example. However, along with the development of technology and needs, this feature can also be found on the latest Suzuki motorcycles such as the Suzuki Nex Crossover. 

Keyless ignition system

The keyless ignition system is usually owned by four-wheeled vehicles. However, this system has also been adapted to the latest types of Suzuki motorcycles such as the Suzuki GSX-R 150. The advantage of this system is that the remote key and key are integrated, so you can easily start the motorcycle engine by simply pressing the remote button at a radius of 1 meter. Outside this radius, the engine will automatically turn off and lock. 

Answer back

Do you often feel like you have forgotten the position where you parked your motorbike, especially if the motorbike parking area is very large and full? Now there is a solution that makes it easier for you to find parked motorbikes through the security support feature, Answer Back. 

This feature works by emitting light and sound signals when you press a button on the remote. So you don't have to worry anymore about looking for your motorbike in a busy parking lot. 

USB charger

For those of you who often travel far, this one feature will make it very easy for you. No more worrying about running out of power on your smartphone or the hassle of carrying a power bank, because you can easily charge it while traveling.

But of course you also have to keep avoiding using a smartphone while riding a motorbike. Besides endangering yourself, driving while using a smartphone will endanger other road users as well. Those are some of the additional features that you can find on the latest Suzuki motorbikes. 

Find out what these features are for any type of Suzuki motorcycle by visiting www.suzuki.co.id/motorcycle. Find a motorbike with the most complete features and the best price for a Suzuki motorbike to suit your needs!

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