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Find out the causes and ways to deal with the sound of a car engine being rough

Find out the causes and ways to deal with the sound of a car engine being rough

Find out the causes and ways to deal with the sound of a car engine being rough - One indicator of a well-maintained car engine is its smooth pulling sound. So if your car often sounds rough when it's being gassed or you hear a loud roar until you hear a sound like the friction of metal components colliding, it could be that your car is in trouble. 

Here are some of the factors that cause noisy car engines and how to overcome them that Suzuki has successfully summarized. 

Problem with AC Compressor

The most common cause of a noisy car engine is usually caused by a problem with the AC compressor. This problem occurs due to a compressor that is worn out and lacks lubrication or it could also be the result of dirt clogging the inside of the AC compressor. 

So if you feel that your car's engine is noisier than usual, check your car's air conditioner. Especially if you haven't serviced your AC for a long time. Take your car to a Suzuki workshop so that you can flush it and disassemble the AC components to check the condition of the inside to see if there is no more serious damage. 

Engine Less Oil

The sound of a noisy car engine can also be triggered by reduced engine oil conditions and decreased quality. To deal with the sound of a noisy car engine caused by oil, of course the first thing you can do is check the oil reservoir tank. 

Has the oil started to decrease and has the quality started to decline, such as starting to become cloudy and thinner? If indeed the oil condition is no longer possible to use, don't force your trip! Perform regular oil changes to keep the engine smooth. 

However, if when you have changed the oil, but the engine noise is still heard, immediately go to the Suzuki workshop to get a more detailed inspection of the engine condition.

Broken Fan Strap

The fan belt on a car engine has the function of connecting one shaft to another which can later connect the radiator fan to the AC compressor and alternator. If there is a problem with the fan belt, the most obvious feature is a loud noise and a rough sound when the car is gassed. 

The main trigger for a damaged fan belt is usually caused by conditions that are already loose and the surface is dry with cracks. The temporary way to deal with a damaged fan belt is to provide enough lubricant. 

But this method is only temporary, we still recommend you to go to the Suzuki workshop so that it can be checked up to repair and replacement of the fan belt with a new one. 

Damaged Car Bearings

Another factor that also causes continuous noise of a car engine is damage to the bearings. Unfortunately, this part is not a part of the car that can be repaired by yourself. Because the components in this section have a complicated composition and very diverse types. 

If you want to check the bearing section, immediately go to an official Suzuki workshop that has experienced technicians repairing damaged car bearings. 

Engine Valve Loose

Noisy sounds in the engine can also be caused by loose or too tight valve gaps. The normal setting of the engine valve is usually in the size of 0.2-0.3 mm. But along with the intensity of your driving, the valve gap can loosen by itself and cause the valve stem to rub against the rocker arm. This is what causes a noise like metal clashing to be heard when the engine is running or when the engine is gassed. To solve this problem, of course you have to check the engine valve and make sure this component is closed properly. 

Even though the symptoms of a noisy car engine may only be annoying and don't look serious, don't underestimate this symptom. Because if you leave it alone, the engine components that are problematic and trigger the annoying sound in the car will get worse. 

Check your engine immediately at a Suzuki authorized repair shop. Whatever type of Suzuki you have, get the best service from our professional technicians. Booking your Suzuki car service more easily, just click on the page https://www.suzuki.co.id/services/booking.
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