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How to Take Care of Outboard Boat Engines to Avoid Moss

How to Take Care of Outboard Boat Engines to Avoid Moss

How to Take Care of Outboard Boat Engines to Avoid Moss - Every day your outboard boat engine or outboard motor has to work in salt water or fresh water for quite a long time. The condition of polluted waters, not to mention if there are parts on a boat engine or outboard motor that are scratched can trigger corrosion problems. 

However, there is another thing that you should be wary of as outboard motor owners, namely the threat of moss that can grow on the outboard motor and interfere with performance. The appearance of this moss itself can occur due to polluted waters around you. 

In order to avoid the risk of damage from mildew, the most important thing you need to do is clean the engine of your outboard boat or outboard motor properly. When you feel that you have previously passed through green waters full of algae or moss, as soon as you finish driving, hurry up to wash your boat engine.

Rinse all parts of the boat engine using clean fresh water to remove dirt, mud, sand and other micro-organism remnants. Make sure the parts that are prone to moss growth, such as the coolant duct pump that sucks in and pumps seawater out to cool the engine, are kept clean of dirt. 

The growth of moss in this section is often not realized because the nature of its growth is also accumulative. However, if left continuously it will cause engine damage. 

There are 3 Effective Ways to Rinse Outboard Boat Engines

You may be able to rinse your outboard engine yourself , but keep in mind that there are parts of the outboard engine that are difficult to reach for cleaning, so some special tools are needed to clean them. Here are some tools that you can use to clean your favorite Suzuki boat motor. 

1. Using a Flush Bag

This is a method of flushing the ship's engine parts by utilizing a flush bag. As the name suggests, this tool is shaped like a sturdy folding bag that can be filled with clean water and then placed under the outboard motor unit. 

The water in the flush bag will soak the gearbox and when you run the engine clean water will be sucked into the cooling system through the blades. In this way the dirt that sticks will be pumped out again.

2. Take advantage of Flush muffs 

The way this tool works is by using a hose and a rubber cup (muff) that you attach to the water inlet of the gear box. You can drain clean water into the hose while the ship's engine is running, so that the water can flow into the cooling system and remove any adhering dirt. 

To perform cleaning with this tool, you must be on land. Also make sure the clean water line is on before starting the engine so that the engine does not overheat. 

3. Built-in device

Currently there is also a built-in tool for cleaning or rinsing the outboard motor that you can install directly on the engine. This is usually located near the lower rear cover of the outboard motor. The way this tool works is somewhat different, you don't need to start the engine during the cleaning process. It's just that the gearbox must be out of the water during the flushing process. 

Actually, not only the engine parts, so that your boat engine or outboard motor is protected from mildew, do also clean the parts of the boat or ship such as the outer body of the ship, the deck to the mine used. 

Whether you rinse it yourself or with an attachment, cleaning the engine parts with fresh water will keep your Suzuki outboard motor durable. Don't forget to always carry out routine maintenance by servicing Suzuki outboard motors at the nearest Suzuki Marine workshop. Book a service at Suzuki Marine by clicking https://www.suzuki.co.id/services/marine.

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