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How to Take Care of Outboard Engines While in the Waters

How to Take Care of Outboard Engines While in the Waters

How to Take Care of Outboard Engines While in the Waters - Doing activities by taking water transportation is now no longer a difficult thing to do. The existence of outboard engines that are easy to find makes your water transportation needs even more accessible. 

As we already know, outboard boat engines or outboard boat engines are one of the mainstay engines for use in water transportation, both for daily needs and hobbies. As the name suggests, this machine is usually attached to the stern behind the boat or ship so that the ship can move to its destination. 

Uncertain water conditions, of course, make you an outboard boat engine owner have to spend extra time on maintenance so that the engine can last for a long time. Here's how to care for an outboard boat engine that you can do while in the waters. 

Washing the Machine After Use

After working hard moving the ship and its contents in the middle of the waters for hours, you can do simple maintenance such as washing the engine using a salt terminator or mild ordinary detergent. The goal is of course that the engine will last longer and prevent contaminants from accumulating on the outer surface of the engine due to being submerged in sea water for a long time. 

When washing the machine, avoid spraying water into the air ducts on the machine. Then also apply non-abrasive wax as a coating on the outside of your outboard engine. 

Rinsing the Machine With Clean Water

Sea water has high levels of salt and various contaminants that easily settle on the surface of the machine. These deposits trigger corrosion on engine components such as water lines, sensors and thermostats if not cleaned.

Apart from washing the engine after use, a simpler way that can be done to care for the outboard engine while in water is to rinse it in clean water when finished using it. 

Lift Machine From Water While Parked

Do not let the engine submerge if it is in the parked position. This can trigger the growth of various marine organisms which can cause the engine not to work optimally. When parking, you should lift the machine from the surface and then tilt it so that all parts are not exposed to water. 

Routinely Servicing Outboard Engines 

Schedule regular servicing of your outboard engine or outboard motor at Suzuki Marine. Ideally you can service it once a year, but if the intensity of using your outboard motor is high enough, routine service can be done every 200 hours of travel. 

Ask a technician to service the thermostat and water pump, this aims to remove small blockages in the pump lines so that your outboard motor cooling system can function optimally. Find out about servicing your outboard motor by visiting https://www.suzuki.co.id/services
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