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How To Choose A Motorcycle According To Your Needs And Personality

How To Choose A Motorcycle According To Your Needs And Personality

How To Choose A Motorcycle According To Your Needs And Personality - Its sleek shape, stubborn energy and agility in skidding in the midst of daily traffic jams, are the reasons some people prefer to use motorbikes rather than cars for everyday mobility. 

There are many types of motorbikes on the market, you can choose based on your needs, hobbies and even your personality traits. Choosing the right motorbike is difficult, want to know how to choose the right motorbike for you? Follow the tips below! 

Select Motorcycle Type

There are 4 types of motorcycles on the market and used by many people today, namely scooters, automatic, sport and trail. Get to know each characteristic and its advantages. Duck Motorbike This motorbike is a type of motorbike that is very common in Indonesia. 

There are two transmission options that usually exist on a scooter, namely manual and automatic. The shape of the body is simple and the engine capacity is not too large but has a tough engine to drive even for long distances, making motorcycles popular with many people. 

  • Motor Matic

This type of motorbike is well known for its practicality as a daily vehicle. Suzuki itself has several superior automatic motorcycle products such as the Suzuki Address and Suzuki Nex motorcycles which are also in high demand. 

Automatic motorbikes are suitable for use on roads where there are frequent traffic jams, because they are easier to drive. No need to shift gears, just turn on the starter button and can immediately maneuver. Because the model is concise and sometimes comes with a variety of attractive colors, making automatic motorbikes suitable for all types of people, both men and women. 

  • Motor Sport

For those of you who want to appear masculine, a sport motorbike is the motorbike that is right for you. Having power and acceleration that is faster than ordinary motorbikes, as well as a dashing and cool appearance make sports motorbikes in demand the target of automotive lovers.

The capacity of sport motorbikes is usually around 150cc - 1000cc, this is what makes this motorbike suitable not only as an everyday vehicle but also as a hobby vehicle. 

  • Trail Bike 

The last type of motorbike is a trail bike, actually this motorbike is a motorbike that is more suitable for use as a hobby vehicle. Because this type of motorbike is designed with large torque but light weight, so it is able to bulldoze challenging terrain such as mountains and even muddy ground. 

Consider the activities you will do

Not only choosing the type of motorbike, your goal of owning a motorbike must also be considered before buying a motorbike. Make sure you choose a motorbike that suits your needs, not just because of its appearance or prestige. Because after all the comfort of a motorcycle when riding must be a major consideration. 

If you are looking for a vehicle that is for everyday use, then choose a vehicle that is economical on fuel and also has a model that is simple and comfortable to drive both long and short distances. Make sure your daily motorbike also has a tough and agile engine to overtake in the middle of a busy road. 

Meanwhile, if your goal of buying a motorbike is for a hobby or touring, make sure the motorbike you choose has a comfortable suspension, is tough to withstand heavy loads and has an engine that doesn't heat up quickly. Options such as automatic sport motorbikes such as the Suzuki Nex Crossover motorbike can be the right choice for you. 

Want to know more types of Suzuki motorbikes that are suitable for your needs and personality traits? Visit https://www.suzuki.co.id/motorcycle to find out the superior types of Suzuki motorcycles and book a test drive for the motorbike you want.
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