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Tips So that the Motor Is Always In Top Condition

Tips So that the Motor Is Always In Top Condition

Tips So that the Motor Is Always In Top Condition - Regular maintenance of your favorite Suzuki motorcycle is a mandatory agenda that you shouldn't do. Especially if you use a Suzuki motorcycle at high intensity every day. 

By routinely servicing motorbikes and always checking the feasibility of each motorcycle component before riding, of course your beloved iron horse will last a long time. Follow these steps to find out how to easily maintain the condition of your motorbike so that it is always in prime condition!

Choose the Right Fuel

Each fuel has a different octane level. The higher the octane it has, it usually produces maximum performance as well. So that the motorbike remains reliable and has strong power to accelerate, use octane that matches your engine specifications. 

Avoid filling with low-octane fuel because it can trigger damage to the engine components of your Suzuki motorcycle. 

Periodic Oil Change Routine

Another maintenance that should not be missed so that your motorcycle is in pristine condition is routine oil changes. The ideal motorcycle engine oil change interval is every 2 months or at a distance of at least 1,000 km.

Engine oil has an important role in motorcycles so that it remains optimal in cooling a hot engine. Not only that, engine oil also prevents damage due to friction between components in the engine runway. 

Apart from having to change the oil according to the schedule, don't forget to also check the condition of the oil quality. Make sure it's still clear enough to use, but if the oil is black and thick, this is a sign you need to replace it, even though it's not on the oil change schedule at that time. 

Because poor oil quality can make the car difficult to start, the engine heats up quickly and is easily damaged. 

Check the condition of the spark plugs

The spark plug has a function to start a fire in the combustion system. If there is damage, the engine will not start. Therefore it is important for you to check the condition of the spark plugs regularly. Make sure there are no dirty or broken parts. 

If you find damage to the spark plug, you should immediately replace it with a new one. Using damaged spark plugs usually makes the engine feel less powerful and can even die completely. 

Check Motorcycle Battery

The battery is a source of supplying electricity to all the electric components of a motorcycle. If the electric power on the battery is reduced, usually the motor will be difficult to use. Therefore, always take the time to check the motorcycle battery and its useful life. If you find that the battery is getting weak, replace it with a new battery immediately.

Motorcycle Service Routine

As previously mentioned, routine motorcycle servicing will keep your favorite vehicle in prime condition. Make sure you only service your motorcycle at an authorized Suzuki repair shop that has experienced professional technicians. 

Visit https://www.suzuki.co.id/services/motorcycle to find out the nearest Suzuki repair shop and schedule a motorcycle service.

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