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Oil Recommendations for MPV Cars

Oil Recommendations for MPV Cars

Oil Recommendations for MPV Cars - Having an MPV car certainly brings its own advantages. As the name implies, the Multi Purpose Vehicle, aka a multi-function vehicle, not only fits many passengers so that it can be a family car, MPV cars can also contain a lot of luggage so it is suitable to be an operational car to support your daily work. 

The intensity of the use of MPV cars which tend to be high makes it need extra care. One of the maintenance that must be done is changing the oil. Car engine oil has an important role in protecting the engine from friction so that the car remains durable and clean. 

That's why it's also important for you to choose the right type of engine lubricating oil for your car. Good quality engine oil will extend the life of your car engine. What do you need to pay attention to when choosing the right engine oil for your favorite MPV car? Check out the following tips!

How to Choose Engine Oil for MPV Cars

Some people underestimate the existence of oil. For them, oil is just an ordinary lubricant, even though engine oil also functions as a coolant, anti-rust and seals gaps in the engine wall. The presence of engine oil makes friction between car components hidden behind the hood smoother and not easily damaged. 

Choosing engine oil should not be arbitrary, especially if your car is an MPV car that you really rely on for your daily needs. Carefully choose the type of car oil available on the market, don't immediately believe advertisements or the advantages offered. 

Moreover, having the perception that expensive oil is definitely suitable and good for your MPV car. Pay attention to the engine oil content that is suitable for MPV cars so that it has an optimal impact on performance. 

1. Understand Machine Specifications

The first thing you should understand before choosing engine oil for MPV cars is knowing the engine specifications. You can look up the manual or look online and find the right type of oil there. 

2. Check Oil Viscosity and Code

To find out the thickness of the oil, you can check the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) code which is then followed by a series of numbers behind it, such as 5W-50, 15W-50M 15W-40, and others. The way to read this code is to pay attention to the letter 'W' which is behind the initial number which stands for 'Winter'. 

For example, the code SAE 15W-50 means that the oil has SAE 15 for cold temperatures and SAE 50 for hot conditions. Which means that the oil is able to provide protection from the engine starting until the engine is at high temperatures. 

In addition to these codes, pay attention to the type of car engine which is usually equipped with the terms VVT, VVTi, etc. For this type of car, oil with a viscosity of 10/40 or 5/30 is suitable. Avoid giving oil with a viscosity of 20/50 on these machines because it is too thick. 

3. Oil Base Ingredients

Engine oil is divided into 2 types, namely mineral and synthetic. Each type of oil has a different character. Car oil is divided into two types with different characters, namely mineral and synthetic. The two types of oil have different characters. 

Mineral oil comes from petroleum extracts with natural molecules that are good for caring for car engines. While synthetic oil is engine oil made from chemicals. Synthetic oil is usually suitable for advanced engines such as turbo engines. Superchargers, DOHC etc. that require high-tech lubricants to produce maximum performance. 

4. Choose Oil That Has a Certification

One way to choose the right oil for your MPV car is to choose oil with certifications such as API, ACEA, ILSAC, and JASO. This certification is a standard that guarantees oil quality, so you don't have to worry anymore about the oil you choose. 

If you are still unsure and have questions about which oil is better for MPV cars, you can do a consultation and check the condition of your car at an official Suzuki repair shop. Immediately visit the nearest Suzuki authorized repair shop and get the best service from professional Suzuki technicians!
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