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Problems in cars that often get stuck

Problems in cars that often get stuck

Problems in cars that often get stuck - One of the biggest challenges of driving in the midst of busy city streets is dealing with traffic jams. Being stuck in the middle of the road for hours, not only triggers stress on the driver but also has a negative impact on the vehicle. 

Because it is in a traffic jam, the car will work harder and if proper maintenance is not carried out, it is not impossible that it will trigger damage problems. What kind of problems usually arise in cars that are often stuck in traffic jams for a long time? The following has been summarized by Suzuki:

Overheated car

Severe traffic jams not only hinder your activities but are also the main trigger for overheating. This happens because the car is working too hard and the engine is too hot , especially if the conditions on the engine cooling components are not optimal. 

The most common symptom when a car overheats is that it can run when gassed and the worst thing is that a car that is too hot can also cause the engine's internals to bend. In order to avoid this condition, always check the condition of cooling components such as radiators, radiator fans, water circulation, and AC fans are still functioning properly. 

Problematic Brake Components

The part that functions to control the speed of the vehicle is a part that is at risk of being affected by frequent extra work when dealing with traffic jams. Problems with the brakes often occur, especially in automatic cars. 

This is due to the automatic car's working system which can move forward even without gassing, making the driver only rely on the brake pedal to stop and adjust the vehicle's speed. Make sure you always check the condition of the brakes at any time, especially before driving to a point that is prone to traffic jams.

Fuel Waste

Traffic jams not only make you lose in time, but also lose in cost. This is because when stuck in traffic, the use of fuel will be more wasteful than normal road conditions. In a stuck position, the machine must continue to work without moving and often stop and go. If this happens continuously, it is not impossible that your daily operational costs will soar even higher. 

Quality Declines Quickly

During a traffic jam, your car will be in a stationary or slow-moving state, which is also known as a stop and go condition. In this position, all engine performance continues to work normally and this means that engine oil will continue to circulate as if the car were running. 

The process of lubricating every component that works and rubs continues, even though the car's mileage does not increase. This is what causes oil to decrease in quality faster and saturate more quickly. 

Therefore, for those of you who often drive everyday and are stuck in traffic jams for hours, there's nothing wrong with considering an oil change that is faster than the normal replacement distance to keep the engine in prime condition. 

Cars that often get stuck need to get extra care. Choose the nearest car repair shop that has a good reputation, such as an official Suzuki repair shop, to take care of your favorite car. Find out the location of the nearest auto repair shop and book a service schedule at https://www.suzuki.co.id/services/automobile
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