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The Most Suitable Motorcycle For Street Ride

The Most Suitable Motorcycle For Street Ride

The Most Suitable Motorcycle For Street Ride - Automatic scooter type motorbikes are still a type of two-wheeled vehicle that is a favorite of various groups. Besides being concise, its features are also fairly adequate to support your daily mobility. One type of automatic scooter that many people are targeting is a sporty model like the Suzuki Nex Crossover. 

This iron horse produced by Suzuki motorbike is suitable for those of you who want a street ride style and are full of challenges. Let's get to know the advantages possessed by the Suzuki Nex Crossover and what makes it a suitable motorcycle for street riding. 

Sporty style

The Nex Crossover from Suzuki Motor offers a dashing, masculine style with a naked motorcycle handlebar. Not only that, this motorbike also invites the rider to feel a sitting position in the style of an adventure motorbike. 

The adventurous look is also supported by the design of the main lights and turn signals on the separate front cover. Meanwhile, the size of the Suzuki Nex Crossover motorcycle has dimensions: 1,890 x 765 x 1,055 mm (L x L x T) with a ground clearance of 150 mm making it suitable for use on various street terrains. This is also supported by the presence of dual-purpose pattern type tubeless tires on both wheels. 

Complete Features

Not only style, in terms of the completeness of the features, the Suzuki Nex Crossover is also capable. Having a digital panel that is complete and larger than its rival types of motorbikes, this motorbike promises ease of visibility for use that is easier for riders to use. 

Then, this motorbike is also equipped with a security support system, namely Answer back. Where this feature works to make it easier to find a motorbike when it is in the parking area. Hazard lights that are useful in emergencies are also owned by this motorbike. 

Tough Performance & Affordable Prices

The main thing to consider when buying a motorbike is, of course, performance. The Suzuki Nex Crossover motorbike is armed with a 113 cc SOHC engine that is capable of producing power up to 9.2 hp. This makes this Suzuki motorbike output vehicle very suitable to be your daily vehicle. 

Judging from all the advantages offered, the price of this Suzuki Nex Crossover motorbike is very commensurate. This motorbike is priced at IDR 19,695,000 OTR Jakarta per August. These prices are not binding and can change at any time. 

For those of you who are interested in bringing home a motorbike with this street ride style, you can directly visit the nearest Suzuki dealer in your place. Also visit the page www.suzuki.co.id/motorcycle to get information about other newest Suzuki motorbikes.
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