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4 Easy Ways to Overcome Car Fan Belt Damage

4 Easy Ways to Overcome Car Fan Belt Damage

4 Easy Ways to Overcome Car Fan Belt Damage - Fan belt or fan belt is a car engine component that functions to deliver engine speed to various other car components such as air conditioning, hydraulic power steering , alternator shaft, water pump and others. 

Initial damage to the fan belt can usually be identified from its physical characteristics, such as starting to loosen and the surface is cracked. Apart from physical symptoms, another characteristic of car fan belt damage is the appearance of an annoying squeaking sound. 

If you find symptoms like this, you should immediately go to the Suzuki shop for the fan belt . Because the fan belt is already bad, it must be replaced with a new one immediately. 

However, if you are in a position where it is not possible to immediately go to the repair shop, there are ways to deal with temporary damage to the fan belt. Especially overcoming the interference from the squeaking sound. Here are the 4 easy ways:

Use soapy water

This is the simplest way to deal with noisy and annoying fan belt damage. Use soapy water and spray it on the surface of the fan belt. But keep in mind, this method cannot last long with the noise of the fan belt and is not recommended to be done continuously. 

But can be quite helpful if you are in an emergency situation. The first and simplest easy way to deal with a noisy car fan belt is to spray a mixture of soapy water on a noisy belt. 


Another way to deal with damaged fan belts is to apply engine lubricant to the surface. Do it carefully and avoid applying too much lubricant, because if the surface of the fan belt is too oily it will actually cause the fan belt to slip and make more noise. 

Give Grease

To overcome damage to the fan belt, you can also use grease or grease. As with using engine lubricant, you should not overuse this fluid. Because excess grease can also make the fan belt slip. 

Use Fan Rope Special Liquid

Another effective way to deal with noise caused by fan belt damage is to use one formulated for fan belts. Usually this product is sold in the market in the form of an easy-to-use spray can. How to use it is also easy, you just have to turn on the engine while spraying liquid on the fan belt until the sounds disappear. 

Just like using oil or grease, don't overdo it when spraying this liquid. Because not only does it trigger slippage on the fan belt, the engine cabin will also get dirty. When the "emergency" repair on the fan belt has been done but the noise is still loud.

Immediately take your car to the Suzuki workshop to get repairs from our professional technicians. Book your service schedule by visiting the page www.suzuki.co.id/services/automobile

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