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The Right Way to Wash a Car to Clean the Machine Parts

The Right Way to Wash a Car to Clean the Machine Parts

The Right Way to Wash a Car to Clean the Machine Parts - Washing a car is the simplest way to care for a car. Frequent car washing can not only keep the car clean, but can also keep car components clean and avoid rust. So that the car not only becomes shiny but also lasts longer. 

But washing a car shouldn't be arbitrary, there are steps for washing a car that are correct so that scratches on the car body do not occur due to the wrong way of scrubbing the car body or car components that are short-circuited due to being soaked in water when cleaning the engine. 

To avoid this, follow the proper way to wash the car below: 

1. Prepare Your Wash Equipment

The first step that must be taken is of course to prepare a set of your washing equipment starting from soap, water hose, shampoo bucket, sponge and microfiber cloth to wipe the car after washing is complete. In order not to bother going back and forth, make sure all of this equipment is ready near you. 

2. Rinse the car with clean running water

Before starting to wash, rinse the car first using clean running water. Use a water hose that is long enough to distribute clean water over the entire surface of the car body. If you have a high pressure sprayer even better, because this thing will help the dirt and dust that sticks to fall out before we scrub it. 

But keep in mind when spraying with high pressure water, don't spray frontally or from the front. Spray it sideways so that the car body lasts and doesn't get scratched due to the hard friction between the water and the dirt that sticks to its surface.

3. Use Special Products For Car Washing

Some of you may often wash your car with any soap or detergent, such as laundry detergent or dish soap. This should not be done again. Because not all liquids or laundry soap have a pH that is suitable for car surfaces. 

Therefore choose special soaps and shampoos for washing the right car and can make corrosive water substances into a balanced pH. Then when you find stubborn dirt or mildew on the body and it doesn't want to disappear after washing, don't rush to rub it too hard. 

This will damage the paint on the car. Use a special fungus cleaner that can absorb into the pores of the car's surface and eradicate stubborn mold. 

4. Car wash from top to bottom

The bottom of the car is of course the dirtiest part because it is exposed to mud and soil. Therefore start scrubbing the surface of the car from the top first so that the soapy water flows to the bottom and softens the remaining mud that hasn't been released when rinsed with clean water before. 

Use a soft special sponge and soapy water/car shampoo to clean it. Also make sure you wash the car tires and other car detail parts at the same time. When all surfaces have been soaped, rinse again with clean water and make sure there are no soap residues left. Because the remaining soap that is left to dry can also trigger dotted stains on the surface of the car. 

5. Use a Microfiber Cloth To Dry And Wash The Inside Of The Machine

If the car is clean, the next thing you need to do is dry it. Some of you may still use a chamois or chamois to wipe the surface of the car. In fact, using a soft microfiber cloth is safer than a chamois. Because soft microfiber cloths do not leave scratches and have strong absorption, so they are suitable for use on car surfaces, dashboards and glass. 

You can also use a microfiber cloth to wash the machine parts. You need to know, if not all parts of the machine you can just flush with water. Some components should not even be exposed to water because it will cause electrical problems. 

So the solution, a safe way to wash or clean the engine room is to use a microfiber cloth that has been moistened with water before. Of course, only enough water is used. In addition, mix water first with a special liquid to remove oil stains, remove dust, and grease before gently scrubbing the surface. 

Avoid scrubbing hard when cleaning the engine compartment of the car, because on the engine there is an ECU that should not be exposed to water. That was the right way to wash your car to clean the inside of the machine that you can do yourself at home. 

However, if you want to wash your car more thoroughly as well as take extra care of the car body, you can directly visit a Suzuki repair shop. Not only do you get the maintenance service you want, you also get the convenience of buying 100% genuine Suzuki auto parts here!

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