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What Happens If You Fill A Gas Tank Full?

What Happens If You Fill A Gas Tank Full

What Happens If You Fill A Gas Tank Full? - For those of you who are used to traveling long distances, you must be familiar with the term full tank when refueling. The reason is simple, so that the tank does not need to load more and it doesn't take longer to refill gas. 

Of course, there's nothing wrong with filling the gas tank completely, but did you know that the habit of filling gas to the brim turns out to be a lot of harm? Check out this article to find out why you don't need to fill up with gas until it overflows out of the tank. 

Pay attention when you are refueling your motorcycle. The nozzle will be inserted into the tank hole and then the gasoline liquid will enter it. 

Often times we find the nozzle suddenly stops on its own and a flop sound is heard, this is a sign that the filling is full and you don't need to add more gasoline so that there is still space or empty space in the tank. 

What are the benefits of leaving less space in the gas tank? This has to do with the impact if you fill up on gas, including:

1. Gasoline flowing from the nozzle hose can be sucked back into the gas station tank

In other words, the gas that has been filled and you pay for can actually be wasted. This is because the filling machine of the refueling machine has been equipped with a modern gasoline vaporizer. This hose can detect the filled gasoline is full, so it will automatically suck back the overflowing gasoline vapor from the tank hole. Instead of saving money, you end up paying for the full gas for nothing.

2. For the maximum combustion process, gasoline needs space to expand

This is the reason why every gas tank has a hole. The function of this hole is to reduce the pressure generated when gasoline is in the tank. 

So when there is no space at all in the tank, the gas that should come out of the hole will instead come out of the tank through a hose. In other words, the gasoline that you filled up earlier will only be wasted and unused.

3. Other impacts may be more long term

Gasoline vapor that spills when you fill up with gasoline to overflowing the outside of the tank will be detrimental to health and contribute to air pollution. Moreover, if the gasoline is spilled, it will not only be wasteful because you have to pay for the wasted gasoline, you will also pollute the environment. 

This is the reason, why you should not fill the gas in the motorcycle tank until it is full. Fill it just enough, don't overdo it and don't leave the gas tank empty either. Instead of spending more so that the gas is too full, it is better for you to shift these costs to the maintenance costs of your Suzuki motorcycle. 

Perform routine service so that the condition of your motorcycle is maintained in its performance. Don't forget to always choose a trusted Suzuki motorcycle service repair shop for your motorcycle maintenance.

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