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Car Components That Must Be Checked Before Turning On

Car Components That Must Be Checked Before Turning On

Car Components That Must Be Checked Before Turning On - Before starting a trip, whether it's a normal or long distance, it would be better if you have checked the feasibility of your car. This is the goal to avoid the obstacles that occur when you are on a trip. You certainly don't want when you're rushing to do your activities but the car suddenly breaks down? For that, make sure you check the components below before you turn on your favorite car and drive.

Car battery

The car battery plays an important role so that the car can be started. This component functions to store and distribute electrical power to all parts of the car. Before driving, make sure the condition of the battery remains prime. 

Pay attention to the signs of a battery that is starting to have problems such as corrosion on the battery terminals or signs of leaking battery fluid. If the battery fluid starts to decrease, make repairs immediately. 

Meanwhile, after the engine is started, also check whether the battery power is starting to weaken, the symptoms of which include difficulty starting the car, the horn does not sound or the lights start to dim when it is turned on. 

Check Oil Level

Oil functions to lubricate various engine components that work and rub together so they don't wear out and get damaged when you drive. Before traveling, check all existing oil components such as engine oil, brake oil, power steering oil to transmission oil for those of you who drive an automatic car. 

The way to check the oil is very easy, you just need to find the oil storage tube and check whether the liquid is at level L or H. If there is oil at level L or Low, you can add oil to the storage tube. 

Tire & Spare Tire Condition 

Your car tires are the part that rubs the most directly with erratic road terrain. Sometimes it is hollow, sandy and even full of risks of nail mines. Therefore pay extra attention to car tires, especially before you drive. Make sure it's in good condition, not bald, cracked or starting to wear out. 

Also check whether the air pressure is appropriate, not flat because it can damage the wheels or not too high because it can trigger the risk of a tire bursting. 

Don't forget to always carry a spare tire in your car storage just in case a tire punctures or bursts on the way. Check the condition of the spare tire, make sure it is in prime condition and ready to be installed if needed. 

Car lights

To ensure visibility when driving at night or in foggy weather, make sure your car's lights are functioning properly. Not only check the engine light or your car's main light, check all the sign lights and emergency lights are still functioning properly and don't dim when in use. With optimal lighting conditions, driving remains safe and minimizes the risk of accidents. 

Car brake

This component is a very important component of driving safety. When you want to drive, whether it's a short or long distance, make sure your car's brake components are still functioning properly. Check the brake fluid as mentioned above, also check your brake grip. 

Brakes that function properly will help you control the speed of the vehicle while driving and maintain your safety. Checking the car components above you can do yourself at home. But if you want to do a more detailed and thorough inspection of the car. 

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