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Ideal Riding Position With Motorcycles

Ideal Riding Position With Motorcycles

Ideal Riding Position With Motorcycles - Riding a Suzuki motorbike is fun. You can freely bulldoze the traffic jams with agility and agility. But unfortunately many riders do not understand how to maintain proper posture while riding a motorcycle. In fact, knowing the ideal body position can make the body avoid fatigue when driving even long distances. 

Even when driving with an ideal body position, driving becomes safer and more comfortable. How do you maintain posture while driving? Follow these tips to find out the ideal body position to maintain balance and comfort while riding your favorite Suzuki motorcycle !

Hold Handlebar Lever At Least With 4 Fingers 

The first step to maintaining posture while riding is to grip the handlebars the right way, namely with all the fingers. The standard for the fingers that must hold the handlebars must be 4, because this has become a safety standard when driving. 

Avoid holding the handlebars with fingers less than 4 fingers, this is because it can trigger errors during braking. The position of the fingers are always clenched on the handlebars and don't be on the brakes when driving, two fingers that stand by on the front brake can cause a potential hazard because the gas rotation is not closed properly so that the braking point is farther away. 

Upright Body And Relax 

Try to keep your body upright and relaxed while driving. Sit up straight, don't slouch or tilt your body too much. Wrong posture when sitting while driving can cause you to become more tired, besides that the wrong position can also cause the motorbike to become unbalanced. An upright sitting position is the best position for turning the handlebars and maneuvering on the go. 

Position Your Hips Right Above The Seat When Sitting

In addition to maintaining an upright and relaxed posture, sitting position also affects comfort and safety when driving. So that you don't tire quickly when riding a motorcycle, sit right in the middle of the motorcycle seat. 

Don't go too far back or forward. Look for your most comfortable position when sitting and if you feel tired in the middle of a trip, you can lift your hips briefly to correct your sitting position. 

Don't keep your arms too straight when holding the handlebars

Arms that are too straight and have no bend in the elbows will tire your hands greatly. Therefore, make sure the position of your arms remains correct by slightly bending your elbows so that the position becomes more comfortable. This bend in the elbow also functions as a suspension, making it easier for you to turn and maneuver while on the go.

Bring Knees Meeting Towards the Front

Not only body position, correct leg position also affects your comfort when riding a motorcycle. In accordance with safety riding regulations, keep your feet together and make sure to stay straight ahead so that the vehicle stays balanced and stays comfortable throughout the journey. 

This position can protect the body when unwanted things happen, such as falling or slipping.  Those are some tips for maintaining posture while driving to stay comfortable and safe. These tips apply to all types of motorbikes, from automatic, sports, duck, and others. 

In addition to maintaining posture while driving, to keep driving comfortable and safe it is also important for you to also carry out regular maintenance on your motorbike. By always servicing your motorcycle regularly, the condition of your motorbike will be maintained and always primed to accompany your journey. Do your favorite Suzuki motorcycle service only at official Suzuki workshops.

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