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How to Activate the Child Lock Feature on a Car

How to Activate the Child Lock Feature on a Car

How to Activate the Child Lock Feature on a Car - One of the reasons many people buy a car is to be able to drive and transport the whole family, including your baby. Along with the development of automotive technology, currently the latest cars not only prioritize performance but also comfort and safety when you drive with your little one. 

You can easily find safety features for children, one of which is the child lock. This security feature, which is also often referred to as a safety lock, can usually be easily found on the rear car door on both the right and left sides. 

The existence of this feature helps you to keep the car locked and cannot be opened from the inside even though the central lock has been opened. So that your little one stays safe in the car. 

Child Lock function

As previously mentioned, the function of this feature is to keep passengers, especially children, safe while in the car. Considering that children are usually very curious and like to play with various parts of the car, it's no exception trying to open the windows and even the doors.

Therefore this feature is here to ensure that children cannot open the door from the inside, let alone open it when the car is running. So that those of you who are driving can be calmer and more focused because the children can safely sit in the back seat.

How To Enable Child Lock In Your Car

As previously mentioned, this child lock feature usually already exists on the latest Suzuki cars, especially on cars that are already well-known as family cars such as the Suzuki Ertiga or the APV car from Suzuki. How to activate this feature? Follow these steps!

  • First, you have to open the rear seat door of your car
  • Find the small lever labeled “lock” and “unlock” on the inside of the door
  • Slide the lever with your finger to the "lock" position to activate this feature
  • The child lock feature is active and cannot be opened from the inside even if the central lock is unlocked
  • To disable it, reopen the door from the outside and slide the lever to the unlock position
Easy enough isn't it activating the child lock feature? If you intend to buy a car for your family, make sure your dream car has this feature. Find out what types of cars have the child lock feature by visiting the https://www.suzuki.co.id/automobile page .
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